When everyone gets what they want: SD holds a round table meeting for advertisers

Published: 06.07.2021
Updated: 27.02.2023

Traditionally, people prefer to rest more and work less, or even blur the difference between their job and leisure. You catch my drift 🙂 In order to relax and make our dear partners happy during June working days SalesDoubler arranged an informal round table for prominent Ukrainian PDL top management. Because among conferences, summits and other pretentious events one would sometimes prefer to gather with friends, take a cocktail and have a chat about current financial market situation.

That’s what happened on June 30 th in a hospitable SD office! Our dear partners came from more than 20 PDL to hear out their “comrades”, find good ideas for realization and simply share their achievements. Who else would fathom and estimate the true worth of efforts made but colleagues sitting next to you!

How was the meeting go

This meeting was opened by Yura Lazaruk, the CEO of Sales Hero Community and SEO Club, with anticases about “How to easily f..ck up the client”. His presentation was quite ambiguous: some felt relief knowing that everything necessary was done, some frowned with concern
estimating coming expenses, and some actually laughed at this fuck up of their unlucky colleagues. Anyway such living and interactive discussions always encourage you to better what can be bettered, so later you can enigmatically smile to others tilting back on your chair!

Having drawn more than 33 online credits on 26 companies’ websites in the course of duty and having finished 12 deep audits of PDL websites Yura gained invaluable experience of interaction with creditors while being a client. We outline theses especially for those ones, who
missed the meeting:

  1. Remember about mobile phone version of the website: 2 years ago mobile phone users share reached 78%, and even more now! Make sure that mobile version of your website launches faster than rockets of Elon Musk! Don’t make your client scroll until he/she gets sick and tired: the screen should contain all information including the button to make a loan! Get rid of everything else that takes your attention!
  2. Do not deceive your client by promising him/her deliberately unrealistic terms: loan without failure, for 15 minutes and 25 000 hryvnia sums for newcomers.
  3. Add finally online chat for quick communication with borrower! You will stop losing clients at this stage.
  4. Optimize the ways of data input, install auto-correction of numbers, emails, birth dates, input language.
  5. Don’t make your password and password recovery too difficult! You have no idea
    how many clients quit exactly at this point!
  6. Fix bugs on time, a client has enough troubles without it!
  7. Add hints and make them as simple as possible. Leave puzzles for a company party!
  8. Resell broker traffic.
  9. Don’t spam!
  10. Perfect the work of the call center: let operators finally know about bet size,
    commission, fine, let them learn to call back within 5-10 minutes while client’s request is still
    urgent, and how to tell clients location of promo code and the way to activate it.
  11. Go through each stage of filling out of application on your website yourself and make an
    assessment of all the challenges and pitfalls from the client’s perspective. Because that is
    exactly what prevents visitors from becoming borrowers!

Under impression of given insights the participants of the event took a refreshing break and after coming back they were met by the round table moderator – Andrey Koriuck, the Head of PDL UA Accounts in SalesDoubler. In debate mode our guests discussed the most actual topics of financial vertical: change in borrower behavioral factors and client image, post-quarantine market development etc. More eager participants gladly joined discussion and the rest listened and compared data of their colleagues to their own statistics and observations fixing insights in their imaginary notebooks.

What are the guests saying

Finally, three-hour meeting ended with buffet dinner, beer and informal talks: some conversations were in a low voice for competitors not to hear. At this point we caught a few unsuspecting guests and got to know their opinion about all of this!

Loany: «Round table is good, the information is useful. Yuri’s audit is always constructive, there’s much to be implemented. As an event guest, first of all I am interested in the insights coming from our competitors. I would like to know the way they keep their clients and the
issuance dynamics within this and previous months». 
Credit7: «I eagerly participate in the events that were held by SalesDoubler for advertisers to know about experience of other players on the market. The value of this round table lies in personal communication with other PDL as well as in personal contact with colleagues from the network. We communicate with the rest of the networks strictly as with contractors but we established friendly relations with SD due to such events in particular. Established communications give us an opportunity to negotiate about the most profitable cooperation for both parties. Also it would be interesting to have a closer look at affiliates, to know more about how they work with the traffic. Perhaps we could help them with information for more efficient work».
«Качай гроші»: «Such meetings are important and necessary! We collaborate with different CPA networks, but only SD holds such events. We and our colleagues get an opportunity to mingle. To whet advertisers interest one should start slightly provocative topics usually avoided on official summits. For instance companies’ assessment of quality of incoming traffic, not every advertiser looks at this indicator after all. For example during 30-60 days we analyze client’s behavior coming from the certain source. Look at the settings: the time, for which a borrower was using his first credit, the time gap between the first and the second credit etc. As the organizer and leading CPA network in financial vertical I wish SalesDoubler to keep the high bar and continue promoting new ideas and technologies as this is the way of the victor! ».

Inspired by positive reviews of our dear guests we intend to continue the round table practice as our advertisers, as well as our account managers like this format. So wait for new notifications and make a note in your calendar. Also it would be nice for us to know your requests concerning further discussion topics and report subjects of speakers. In case someone wants to share experience about his/her success –
feel free to do so!

At the end of the meeting our guests thanked us for our hospitality and asked for even more good leads! As for us – we’re always ready! Especially now, when on the 1 st of July SD Affiliate Racing 2021 grand race for affiliates was launched! The affiliate program terms are available via link.

Unbelievably generous gifts are provided by the event sponsors – the leading PDL market players: Money4youCredit7СreditPlusSlonCreditNaVseCashX LKSenmo VNCreditPlus KZBizPozyka.comТвоя ПозикаCreditkasa.ua, E-groshi, AlexcreditZecreditCashberryKoshelOkDinero.uaCCloanSOS CreditGlobal CreditMister CashКUMO.

For taking part in the most large-scale financial vertical competition this year, affiliate is to register on the website, use Fintech UA API, Fintech UA RDR, Fintech International and FMCG UA, speed up and overrun the competitors!

We are looking forward to seeing you on Pit Stop Party this September, for refueling and catching of a breath before the next ride!

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