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Fintech PDL & Bank

Banks, PDL, Insurance Companies
More than 100 partners
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Trading, Exchange, Crypto loans, Wallets
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FMCG & Services

Services, Delivery Services, Education
More than 50 partners
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By working with SD, you get:

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1. An easy start
  • A starter kit for beginners and a course of training videos will show you where to start.
  • A personal affiliate manager with practical experience in traffic generation will help you along the way. We assign to the Web after the first results.
  • A set of creatives (showcase sites, creatives for affiliate programs) will facilitate the preparation of the AC.
  • Professional support will provide answers to any questions you may have.
2. Best affiliate programs and conditions
  • Maximum selection of offers from key market players: 80+ partners

  • More than 200 offers for 6 GEOs (Ukraine, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Kazakhstan) in different verticales.

  • Offers from banks (PrivatBank, Monobank, A-Bank), microcredit organizations (Moneyveo, CCLoan, Credit7, Dinero, Robocash, MoneyCat) FMCG), services (MEGOGO), delivery services (Glovo, Rocket,, water delivery (Heavenly Spring, Living Spring), training (SpeakUp, YEShKO), ticketing services (

  • Traffic monetization via RDR and API.

  • Rating of offers with the most profitable offers (updated 3 times a week).

  • Personal conditions and exclusive offers for affiliates with a certain volume.

  • Payments to affiliates on request. We withdraw from $100 or UAH 3000 2 times a week to Visa/MasterCard, Paypal, WebMoney, Capitalist bank cards, to the FLP account in any currency. 

3. Progressive Tools
  • the unique internal SMS messaging service SD Sender ;
  • domain valet for minimization the risk of being blocked by social networks;
  • forecaster – monitors the number of conversions for offers with a bonus grid and redirects traffic to maximize the income of the affiliates;
  • integration with Google Analytics connects site analytics with the advertising account;
  • showcases on the SD platform are ready to work without a website / landing page;
  • API widget – for working with API offers and additional monetization of each lead;
  • global Postback – sends data using the Postback method to any affiliate’s admin panel, even self-written one.
4. API technologies

The API data transfer protocol shortens the lead’s path from the moment the application is filled out on the affiliate’s website to its processing by the advertiser and significantly improves the conversion and yield of leads.

API benefits for beginners:

  1. Best yield. The same lead is sent to multiple advertisers, increasing EPC.
  2. Speed. Data exchange takes place online. The lead immediately gets into the advertiser’s back system.
  3. Ease of Integration. The lead form code is inserted into the iframe and adapts the form to the affiliate’s site.
  4. Professional support will answer to your questions.

API benefits for experienced affiliates:

  • Target segmentation by customer base
  • Efficient client routing
  • Ease of working with large amounts of data
  • Getting status online
  • Adaptability of the lead form to your resource
  • Unique API Widget, Multi-Application
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Best Promotions

Best Promotions

Icon Major competitions with a prize fund of millions of UAH, as well as short sprints with cool rewards.

Icon Parties with networking, a show programme and entertainment after each large-scale action.



Icon More than 40 webinars per year in order to train beginners and improve the skills of active affiliates.

Icon Live meetings-seminars twice a year in the 10 largest cities of Ukraine.

Icon A series of video tutorials for beginners in the FAQ format is on the SalesDoubler YouTube channel.

Icon Useful articles in our blog.

Icon Chat Starter for newbies in Telegram with useful content and the ability to ask questions.

Icon FinFriday: meetings with affiliates in the Kiev office: We discuss tasks, eat pizza and chat.

Icon A big summer party for productive affiliates with an entertainment programme and a turquoise pool!

Icon Tickets for partner profile events and conferences.

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