Affiliate Marketing For Agencies

We achieve the KPIs of your customers by attracting the required number of high-quality leads in a given timeframe with post-payment for the result. Expand your opportunities and traffic volumes in performance marketing campaigns with SalesDoubler. Affiliate marketing for agencies by CPA, CPS, CPL, CPI, RS and other models.

How Does Affiliate Marketing For Agencies Work? 

SalesDoubler actively cooperates with agencies in 2 directions:

  1. We work as a contractor for CPA campaigns. We implement FMCG, E-commerce, Services, Finance, Crypto campaigns and other business verticals according to different  models with post-payment for the result;
  2. Our technology platform helps agencies effectively monetize their own traffic and additionally earn online, becoming our traffic partner (affiliate). Agencies cooperate with us as affiliates via traffic arbitrage or overmonetization of the audience of their own sites/content projects.

Implementation Of Campaign KPIs According To The CPA Model

Affiliate network SalesDoubler cooperates with digital and media agencies, helping them implement advertising campaigns according to all client requirements. We have started this direction since 2013 and since then we have successfully implemented more than 100 different FMCG campaigns and promo activities for famous Ukrainian and international brands. The scheme of work looks like this:

affiliate marketing for agencies. scheme of work

Communication with advertisers/brands occurs only through a partner agency. With the help of the SalesDoubler performance platform, agency managers have the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns and increase traffic volume, getting leads, sales or installs, and additional useful information for maximum effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

SalesDoubler affiliate network has its own tracking platform, which allows effective implementation of various FMCG and other brand campaigns. We provide all necessary access to a personal account, the necessary reports and suggestions for improving the attractiveness of the affiliate programto get exclusive traffic from our affiliates.

How Do We Work And Why Should You Choose The SalesDoubler Affiliate Network?

  • focus on KPIs agency and advertiser;
  • provide exclusive traffic from our affiliates;
  • provide fast growth of results with post-payment for confirmed results;
  • control the quality of traffic and compliance with brand standards;
  • launch the campaign quickly (2-5 days);
  • work with the approval of promotional materials;
  • comply with budget and conversion limits;
  • offer various options for targeted actions;
  • guarantee an individual approach when implementing each advertising campaign.

The СРА network helps to fulfill the KPI goals set by the advertiser when the agency’s own capabilities/resources are not enough and additional targeted traffic is needed. Affiliates, proven by many years of cooperation, attract users strictly in accordance with the brand book provided by the agency and rules/conditions/promotional materials provided by the client.

Experienced affiliates work with approved sources and traffic types with payment for various targeted actions: 

  • CPS (cost per sale – payment for a sale in an online store, or for a credit card issued by a bank);
  • CPL (cost per lead – payment for lead, more suitable for various services where users need to register with confirmation via emails, SMS, etc.);
  • CPI (cost per install – payment for installing the application);
  • CPL+CPS (сost per lead + cost per sale) – several targeted actions in one campaign work very well, such offers are usually one of the best).

Depending on the brief and tasks set by the client, we give:

  1. understanding of future possible volumes of performed target actions for a certain period of time;
  2. necessary conditions of the affiliate program;
  3. Landing page recommendations if the project is still in the planning stage.

Monetization Of Traffic And Diversification Of Earnings

Traffic monetization is especially relevant for SEO, SMM, and ppc advertising agencies. 

If you have your own thematic site, which has a certain target audience of followers, you can increase your own income, placing on it advertising of affiliate programs of advertisers of the relevant subject from our CPA network.

affiliate marketing for agencies. how to get a guaranteed payout

Competent affiliate managers will help with the selection and placement of advertisements for targeted affiliate programs for the best traffic monetization from your resources according to the CPA model. Use of e-mail and SMS mailings and social networks posts this project will help to scale your earnings from the target audience – subscribers of the site

traffic monetization for agencies through the salesdoubler affiliate network

Another option for additional income online for agencies is traffic arbitrage with the help of your media buyers. If the current load allows for existing agency clients/projects – your media buying team can become an arbitration team. Various partner programs of 20+ countries of the world in Fintech, E-commerce, Services and Crypto/Web 3.0 business verticals will be allowed to choose exactly those advertisers with whom the team wants/is able to work, which means it will achieve maximum indicators in terms of traffic and income. 

Affiliate marketing for agencies with SalesDoubler

Affiliate Marketing For Agencies With SalesDoubler Today

If you have any questions, we are ready to chat at a time convenient for you. Please leave an application for partnership to and our managers will give you all the necessary information.