International Affiliate Network

Since 2012, the international affiliate network SalesDoubler has united the interests of advertisers and webmasters as a platform where they cooperate with each other according to the CPA model. We work with Fintech, E-commerce, Services, Education and Crypto verticals.
International Affiliate Network

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Тechnological platform with international advertisers and top affiliates

We offer affiliates to monetize their traffic through affiliate programs - more than 300 campaigns in 7 business verticals from 20+ countries.
We help Advertisers and Agencies to achieve their kpi by paying only for targeted actions (leads/sales) thanks to traffic from 1000+ verified affiliate partners, including content project owners, PPC-specialists and influencers.

PDL, Banks & Insurance

Banks, PDL, Insurance Companies
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Crypto / Web 3.0. projects

Crypto exchanges, loans, wallets, and trading
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E-commerce & Services

Online stores, travel, streaming services, education and FMCG
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Promotions for affiliates with a large prize fund

The SalesDoubler international affiliate network conducts large promotions for traffic partners several times a year. Millions in prize funds and additional gifts (cars, computer equipment, modern phones) await our winners every year.
We also hold small seasonal promotions, during which our traffic partners receive increased payments and improved conditions in affiliate programs (0% commission). Such activities allow affiliates to grow and develop faster, and our advertisers — to earn more and grow, gaining new volumes in various markets.

Promotions for affiliates

Do you want to earn more with the SalesDoubler international affiliate network?

SalesDoubler has been working reliably for its partners for over 10 years. We actively connect different verticals and regions, which allows our PPC specialists, publishers, and influencers to earn more and diversify their income. For our advertising partners and agencies, this is a great opportunity to get new reliable traffic partners who are as focused as possible on target KPIs and help merchants' businesses grow and strengthen.

Useful Materials About Affiliate Marketing and Earning in Various Verticals

The SalesDoubler international affiliate network prepares a lot of interesting content: review materials on different verticals and regions, interviews with specialists, starting kits or guides that help our traffic partners grow and develop faster in the field of affiliate marketing. You can read this information below in our blog. Also, if you have interesting content, cases or even anti-cases - write to us and it is quite possible that we will publish your material on the SD Blog.

Best regards, the SalesDoubler team
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