The importance of understanding the target audience for preparing creatives for targeting

Published: 07.02.2022
Updated: 27.02.2023

Targeting is a type of advertising that is shown to a specific category of users based on publicly available information from their profiles. Simply put, with its help, users are shown ads for goods and services that they are most likely to be interested in.

In order for such advertising to work as efficiently as possible, you need to set the right settings, and first of all, determine your target audience.

Vlad Bogutsky, founder of B91 Targeting Agency, lecturer at WebPromoExperts Academy, Ex SMM Head at EVA Store Line, lecturer at Alfred Nobel University, spoke about how to do this at the SalesDoubler webinar.

Analysis of the target audience and preparation of creatives on the example of the hotel business

Despite the fact that we will talk about cases from a relatively narrow niche, the rules for segmenting and compiling ads are about the same. Therefore, using the examples from this article and the webinar, you can draw up a plan for scaling absolutely any business or project.

More than 3,000 hotels + apartments are registered on the popular booking service (albeit indirect, they are also competitors in the hotel business). The first step to preparing a good advertising campaign is the question “Why should you choose your hotel?”.

To answer it, we move on to the next step – to highlight the USP and benefits.

In the case of hotels, it can be:

  1. Comfortable prices for customer and some discounts or special affiliate programs (for example, a honeymoon suite or a price reduction during the velvet season)
  2. Location: historical center, proximity to the sea, trendy places, business centers. For each individual segment, something different will be important. For example, leisure travelers will be happy to live near the sea (if it is a resort town) or in the historical center. And entrepreneurs will most likely be pleased with the proximity to business centers (but again, depending on the purpose of the trip)
  3. Good interior of the rooms and common areas of the hotel, comfort.
  4. Infrastructure and additional entertainment: swimming pool, barbecue, parking, hookah, bar, transport rental, rooms for photo shoots and more.
  5. Nutrition. Show how it is organized. For example, if included in the price, this is a clear advantage.
  6. Possibility to stay in a hotel with animals.

In general, there are many criteria by which different categories of people ultimately choose a hotel, and the creative is prepared based on their wishes. Simply put, we analyze the target audience, segment it and offer each segment what it most needs, is important, or at least interesting (or even better to combine!).

For example, when preparing creatives for an audience of parents with children, it makes sense to focus on hotel services that are most likely to interest them:

  • heated pool;
  • slides and playground;
  • animators;
  • baby food/special menu.

How to promote goode and services on social media

You can interact with users in many ways. Some of them find it more convenient to communicate in social networks, who prefer to make a purchase directly on the site without unnecessary conversations, while others need to be periodically reminded of their company.

Therefore, we have identified 4 main options that are suitable for promoting most projects.

Chat in Messenger and Direct Instagram

An excellent option for promoting the service is messages in Messenger and Instagram Direct.

Unfortunately, few people use this function in practice, since many marketers do not fully understand the principle of direct contact with potential customers.

In this case, in the creative itself, we offer customers to write to Direct on their own – this shows that the audience is already interested.

It is important to use direct calls, for example:

  • “Contact us to reserve a table in a restaurant”;
  • “Write in Direct to get a discount”;
  • “Contact us via direct to get a checklist” and others.

The last two examples also attract additional value. Sending a message on social networks does not oblige a user to actually order a service or buy a product, but the company will have his contact and the opportunity to close this consumer for a purchase in the future.

There is also the concept of “customer lifecycle”. This means that a person can make several different touches in relation to a brand/company/product (subscribe to social networks, ask questions, follow the news, etc.), but eventually place an order after a certain time.

Website conversion

Conversion is the ratio of visitors to the resource or those who viewed ads and received leads. In fact, this is an indicator of the efficiency and profitability of your resource.

When working with conversions, there are a number of details that are also important to set up: for example, confirm the domain, set the priority of events, and then just launch the campaign.

First of all, this format is associated with the promotion of the publication, and this can be done to build a funnel both through the address manager and through the Instagram application (using the “Promote” button).


Retargeting is a strategic way to remind users of products they were previously interested in and bring them back to the site or app to complete the order. The same applies to services: for example, if a person previously viewed hotel rooms, but did not book in the end, you can remind him of yourself after a while.

As an option, do not just report your benefits in general, but offer something that can have additional value – a discount, a free service, a consultation, and so on.


An example of the result of the tests in the Republic of Kazakhstan of one of the hotels

It is important to understand here that very often people contact in the Messenger and through Instagram, ask questions, but in the end, not everyone performs the targeted action.

It is also worth noting that on one of the advertising projects for conversions to the site, we lead people to a web resource so that they place an order there.


This is another advertising campaign for an another hotel, and here everything is the other way around. Here conversion rates are higher

If there are difficulties with conversions, there may be several reasons, and they all need to be checked. The main rule is that it should be convenient for the client to use the site and place an order.

Therefore, you should immediately check if there are any problems related to usability.


We already talked about launching creatives in targeting at the very beginning. This format helps to effectively advertise a product or service: show it not to all users, but only to those who are included in the advertiser’s target audience.

In the case of targeting, it is important to pay attention to such details:

  1. Test ad types and find the one that works for that specific product.
  2. Creatives also need to be tested. For example, both a carousel format with a list of services and showing rooms, as well as a high-quality video from a hotel, can come in.
  3. Audience exclusion. It makes no sense to show ads to those who are clearly not interested in, and therefore will not become a client. For example, if we see that advertising has been spinning for a specific audience for a long time, each user could see it 5-10 times, it makes sense to stop it or make adjustments.
  4. Do not forget about retargeting and guests who have settled earlier.
  5. We collect contact databases for the future – this will help at least in creating similar audiences for targeting
  6. Dealing with the negative. This task is primarily not a targetologist, if we are talking about communicating with clients and working out objections during correspondence and conversation. However, this specialist needs to ensure that under the posts there are no gatherings of haters in the comments, as this scares away potential customers.

Advertising campaign VS content: how to synchronize them

One of the important points to pay attention to is the alignment of the funnel. Obviously, no matter how attractive options for retargeting or calling past visitors with invitations may seem, you still don’t have to be intrusive.

If the user is pulled from all sides “Buy / order more”, most likely he will simply unsubscribe and refuse further interaction.

Instead, it is better to provide as much information as possible about the benefits and advantageous affiliate programs, so that the client has access to information and can make a decision for himself. It is logical that if the profile in social networks or the site is well packaged, the content is attractive, the advertising is set up with high quality – the level of services and their promotion speak for themselves.

What to post on social media?

One of the important details is the content that companies place on their website and social networks. Ideally, he and creatives in targeting or retargeting should complement each other.

For example, if a user sees an attractive advertisement about the conditions in a hotel, he will be interested in learning more.


In the hotel profile customer should see more information about rooms, service, additional services + high-quality visual. In this case, his interest is likely to continue.

Otherwise if there are no useful information, photos and videos, there is almost no point in launching the RK.

In addition, it is important that the user clearly understands how he can contact the hotel staff or book a room online. If you have to search for contacts or a link for a long time, most likely, the user will be too lazy to do this, and he will go to competitors.

Social media

An example of a creative demonstration of hotel breakfasts. Photos work better than a detailed description, but it still makes sense to post them along with images and menus.

The important thing here is that everyone has their own vision of good service, high-quality interior, delicious breakfast. Therefore, the visual allows users to evaluate with their own eyes where they will live.

In addition, the opinions of other visitors are important.

Social media

You need just a few seconds to repost stories

To summarize ideas of what can be shown:

  • room interiors;
  • territory: swimming pool, barbecue area, beach, etc.;
  • breakfasts;
  • user-generated content: we repost in stories how our guests relax;
  • more videos;
  • voting in stories.

Another interesting service that is often offered in hotels is photo shoots. It also produces great content, and clients usually post their photos on social networks.

Social media

You can repost from the client profile. Especially good if you can show the interior of the hotel in stories or posts

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