Kart racing, bets, hookahs, DJ: how we held the incredible Pit Stop Party

Published: 13.09.2021
Updated: 27.02.2023

It emerged that our favourite affiliates bring cool traffic and drive real tracks no less cool!

The coolest Pit Stop Party, as part of the SD Affiliate Racing 2021 promotion, took place on September 10. Affiliates competed in the category “best kart racer”!

Oh, it was very hot! And not only because September brought +27 degrees Celsius that day, but also from the adrenaline rush of all participants: both the competitors and those who bet on the winners!

We share with you our genuine emotions.

Teams and fans

It was a private party for those who work with traffic and collaborate with SalesDoubler, which means they know what CPA and eCPC are. But it was timed to coincide with the largest campaign of the year in the FinTech vertical.

And since our affiliates rush along the online race tracks there, competing with each other, at the Pit Stop Party, we decided to allow them to try themselves in the same business offline.

Competitions in an atmosphere of drive, speed and beauty – what could be better?

And to make it even more interesting, we offered to play the game “bet on the winner” and win cool prizes!

For this, we organized our own bookmaker’s office for one evening. At the reception, guests were given “money” for participation – this was our event’s “internal currency”.

We’ve got everyone interested! Already from 16:00, part of the guests formed into three teams for races, and all the rest acted as fans and bet on their favourite racers.

The race was held under the motto: “Be the first – in everything!”

In the meantime, we actively treated the fans with various goodies and soft drinks; the race participants underwent a serious preliminary briefing.

Of course, you need certain skills to race on the tracks. But our guests had plenty of these skills. Therefore, after the briefing, the teams went to the track, and the race began!

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From 17:00 to 20:00, 50 players fought for the title of the fastest and showed incredible timing results, which at times were very unpredictable.

We are united not only by kart racing

While the races on the tracks were in full swing, the rest of the guests cheered for their candidates and got to know the beauty car – Mazda CX 9, (which will go to the winner of SD Affiliate Racing early next year). They took pictures with charming hostesses, enjoyed hookahs, listened to music and finally could communicate in a circle of like-minded people.

Our wonderful photo zone!

Vivat to the winners!

And finally, in the evening, in the fiercest battle, seven people, simply breaking the track, showed incredible results and a time difference of a fraction of a second.

Participants rode in small groups, and the winners were those who came around the entire route faster than the rest of the participants.

As a result, the first place went to the rider with a time of 1:08.196.

The following participant arrived with a score of 1:08.243.

And the top three were closed by the result of 1:09.367.

The adrenaline level on the last race went through the roof, and already absolutely everyone followed the race with bated breath!

And how cool the beautiful winner of the “bets” felt, who also became the winner’s companion! This is where true faith and real teamwork lie.

A 3 liter bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey as a gift.

The race smoothly turned into a hot party

After the awarding of prizes, active pouring of champagne on each other, and the satisfied shouts of the fans, the second part of the party began with a grill, Jack Daniels, prizes and dancing. Everyone was going wild this September evening.

The atmosphere was incredible!

Both riders and spectators (and we, of course 🙂 plunged into the atmosphere of rest, no less hottest than during the races.

Instead of a thousand words…..

Since the guests were on the move all the time and there was not a second of free time, it was almost impossible to take comments about the event. But all the reviews both at the party itself and after it boiled down to what was cool, original and incendiary.

To the question “How are you?” guests answered us:
– Cool!
– Wow, that is adrenaline!
— Wow, this is my first time karting, but I came in the top five!
– Format – fire!
“Next time, don’t call such beautiful hostesses, they distract attention from the race!” 🙂

Obviously, everyone had a good time!

Many guests shared their emotions on Instagram.

It was the fastest Pit Stop during the promo race period, but we don’t stop; we rush further along the SalesDoubler tracks!

And, of course, we want to express special gratitude to our sponsors who help our riders to continue the game and strive to be the first to the finish line:

Olga Onikienko, CMO SalesDoubler and Pit Stop Party organizer:

“We are managed to disperse emotions, adrenaline, drive, mood. We got ready for the decisive race at SD Affiliate Racing to determine the absolute winner of the race at the beginning of 2022 and get together again to present the prizes of the largest promo race in the Fintech vertical.

Who has been rushing along the SalesDoubler tracks for a long time – we wish you good luck! And who is just going to join – successful overclocking and maximum winning speed!”


We remind you that this is only the first part of the party because SD Affiliate Racing is in full swing, and at the end of the year, we will have a grand finale with buggies, motorcycles, Mazda and the money, of course! So if you are not in the race yet, hurry to the start and press the pedal to the floor for victory!

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