How to fill your landing page with texts according to formulas that have proven their effectiveness more than once?

Published: 27.10.2022
Updated: 14.11.2022

There are certain rules in copywriting, as in any other business. Naturally, this is not math, and there are no universal solutions, but we will try to tell you about the four most common formulas for writing an interesting text.

AIDA – is one of the most common formulas in copywriting. It is designed for emotion and, sometimes, spontaneity.

  • Attention. A lovely picture, bright colours and text that may interest future leads.
  • Interest. Your creative should hook a person in one or two seconds. Lots of text is a bad idea. You need to briefly describe the person’s “pain” and show that you can solve their problem. You must “create” a problem and find a solution.
  • Desire. People generally want simplicity. Whatever you sell, you need to have a solution on the surface. You have to prove to the client that he only needs to press a button and all his problems will disappear.
  • Action. The future lead must intuitively understand what they need to do. That’s what the “click here” buttons are for. If possible, reduce everything to verbs: “press”, “register”, etc. Good move: add an expiration date to the offer to hurry a person to do an action for which you will receive a profit.

ACCA – is not a romantic formula. Everything should be painted “on the shelves,” and a clear chain can be traced here. Rather, it is suitable for the category “goods for men”: technique, computer games, and cars.

  • Awareness. You have to prove to the future leads that he has a problem. Just put before the fact;
  • Comprehension. You must explain to the person the magnitude of the problem and the need to correct the situation. You answer the question: “Why should this problem be solved? Why not leave everything as it is? Why does he need to fix something?
  • Conviction. You need to prove to the future leads that your decision is correct and effective for them. At this stage, you need to have “iron” arguments;
  • Action. The final result in each formula is the same. You need the lead to do what you need: register, go to the advertiser’s website, or download something. 

PPPP – this formula is more suitable for a “beautiful” product. Both emotions and arguments are essential here. Something useful and attractive. Much depends on the visual.

  • Picture. It would help to choose an image that will “hook” the future leads. They should feel better even while watching;
  • Promise. It would be best if you promised the future leads that everything will be exactly like in the picture that you “drew” for him;
  • Proof. Now the most challenging part. You need to prove to the customer that he will get what he wants. Adding “before” and “after” pictures or customer reviews here is good. It all depends on the product you are selling;
  • Push. As we have already said, in the end, all formulas come to a lead action that brings you profit. But there is one feature here. In this formula, you have to push the person. Good move: add an expiration date to the offer to hurry a person to do an action for which you will receive a profit.

PAS – loud and clear. This is a straightforward and effective formula, which consists of only three points. Especially suitable when you have one product that can solve a problem.

  • Pain. Find the problem your product solves and analyze the target audience. In this formula, it is essential to understand your buyer. Draw him “in your head” and understand what problems he has;
  • Agitate. Scale the Problem. Make it practically universal. Explain to the future leads that this is a problem with a capital “P” and it needs to be solved as soon as possible;
  • Solve – solution. After the “negativity” you just dumped on a person, you need to relax him. Prove that, despite the depth of the problem, you have a simple solution. And most importantly, they don’t need to spend a lot of effort to solve it.

The chain is quite simple: we attract attention → arouse interest → “make” people want a product → call for a specific action.

We wish you good luck in writing texts that get profit.

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