With what sum you should enter to International and what results you should expect

Published: 20.12.2021
Updated: 27.02.2023

In order to make money on traffic arbitration one should constantly do the testing of various affiliate programs and GEO, link (affiliate program + creativeness), analyze the results of advertisement campaign, collect database.

It is related to work with foreign financial affiliate programs, but additionally one should take into account the main sources of traffic of the concrete state, as well as language barrier and peculiarities of mentality. All of it makes you thoroughly analyze the state an affiliate is working with. At the same time International is an opportunity to increase and diversify income without being a hostage to GEO and related force majeures.

Affiliate-managers of CPA-network SalesDoubler had an interview with an affiliate Dmitry Komarovsky (ROIMakers.Pro). He works with foreign financial affiliate programs, pays maximum attention to tests and pays all their expenses for the period of 3-4 months on average.

How did you make decision to start working with International in PDL niche? Tell us about your first steps in that direction.

It happened in the beginning of 2020 when I was mainly working in Ukraine and for the increase of volumes and distribution risks I was looking for other GEO. The dollar and euro rates were particularly tempting.

The first one was the attempt to launch Vietnam at the beginning of the quarantine.

March-April 2020 period made its adjustments to all GEO, on my observations International started to recover from lockdowns earlier than others, that’s why, step by step, I came to take countries of South-East Asia and gather greater momentum there.

Now I gain most of my income on foreign markets.

What sources of traffic are you working with? Why with them?

Everything is standard here: Google Ads and Facebook Ads + finishing off via Email.

Depending on GEO I can also use SMS as a channel.

What difficulties did you face during the launch? What were you worrying about the most?

The most difficult part is taking a share of time that is converting now from GEO for developing others. On one hand – while the exact direction is working you should squeeze as much as possible out of it. On the other hand – when the current GEO is squeezed dry you will have neither base nor infrastructure for the others and you will have to invest into the tests without making money from it.

That’s why you need to allocate part of time and resources for these processes to be parallel.

What sum do you spend on the test? Did fuckups happen? In your opinion, what budget do you need to do the testing of a new GEO?

Tests are a constant process both in new and active GEO. That is why I can’t tell the exact sum.

Most of the experiments end up in negative ROI, here you need to pay attention to LTV testing groups in the nearest 3 months at least.

While initial ROI was no less than 40% (spent 100, earned 100) you can try to optimize AC.

As for minimal budget – I wouldn’t go for GEO with less than $3000 per month, as there are many nuances: consumables for Google and Facebook, services for finishing off.

When having a lesser budget the probability of not finding working GEO link and changing it to «non-converting» is increasing.

Every week SalesDoubler holds free seminars for affiliates where speakers share their experience and give useful information about working with traffic. You can find all the announcements of coming broadcasts in Telegram-bot.

How long did it get you to get into plus field? What average ROI have you got?

It usually takes 3-4 months.

If ROI is no less than +30% – I scale traffic according to GEO.

If you can’t gen to 30% for a long time – GEO works on support due to high risks. For instance, if

1-2 affiliate programs convert worse – ROI will plunge into minus field.

Are there any significant differences when working with financial traffic of UA and other states? 

Understanding mentality and history of the countries unknown to us.

For example, almost everybody has a bankcard (or even several) in Ukraine, but in Asia it’s different.

Study local holiday calendar – converting usually plunges to 0 on these days.

vietnam prazdniki en site 1

vietnam prazdniki en site 2

For instance, they have a lot of holidays that are celebrated in Vietnam but not in Ukraine.

In SalesDoubler they give important events calendars to all affiliates. It is about countries affiliate programs of which we possess.

There were cases when mailing was planned on a holiday and it proved to be a bad decision.

What impact did pandemic and quarantine have on this direction?

First convert decreased almost to 0. Then countries began to «revive» and conversion started to recover. Occasionally you have outbreaks and following short-term quarantine.

That’s why you need to follow the news of the countries you’re working with.

What markets would you point out now and why?

In general, that would be Asia because you can actually work with these GEO.

We plan to do the testing of Mexico and Europe.

Can you point out any affiliate programs that are working well and have a great prospective in their GEO?

I wouldn’t point out any affiliate program. If I work with GEO – I provide traffic for maximum number of affiliate programs.

I don’t really believe that one can work only with one single affiliate program.

What do you need for scaling and what would you like to better about your job?

More affiliate programs.

Previously I wanted more paychecks on International advertisement but this issue has been solved already. Initially we need to wait for 40-45 days.

In SalesDoubler we actively train affiliates: we hold free webinars, and for newcomers we made an open ТГ-channel Starter with perks and starting kits. What advice would you give to specialist beginners willing to try working in that direction?

Prior to working with affiliate program, you should check your funnel and technicalities:

  • Are there any popups that cause problems to your traffic;
  • Check whether everything is all right with affiliate cookie (whether terms are accurate and whether it is saved during next visit).

Don’t forget to do these regular checks.

Conclusions are needed quarterly, not monthly. So you shouldn’t get upset when one month didn’t meet your expectations. The same way you shouldn’t get overexcited when month proved to be profitable.

We are grateful to Dmitry for this interesting conversation, we hope after reading this interview many affiliates will discover new direction of PDL International and will actively be making money on it.

If you have a desire to reach out financial market and start making money on foreign affiiate programs – register via link. We have plenty of useful information for affiliates, as well as free studying materials and excellent support.

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