Traffic from the “push”. How it’s possible to drive profit?

Published: 30.09.2022
Updated: 27.02.2023

After scrolling the website of your favorite sneaker brand, you started flipping through page after page of your size without 100% readiness to buy something. “Oh, these sneakers are cool”, – you thought when you looked at the photo among thousands of others. The page loaded, but you disconnected and decided to have a coffee and answer someone in the messenger. When you returned, mother of glory, this particular pair of sneakers appeared in the little pop-up window — a small screen with a beautiful photo of sneakers and a promo code for a 10% discount. So, you had no choice but to buy this seventh pair of black sneakers. This is exactly what traffic from the “push” is. Let’s find out how it works.

Traffic from the "push" How it works

What happened?

Congratulations, you just reacted to a push notification or “pop-up”. From English word – pushing. This pop-up message helps a business sell its products and services by pushing them to the desired target action.

Traffic from the “push”. Pieces of Advice from Sales Doubler

For “push” not to anger users, it is better to remember that this is not a simple site banner but a pop-up message for which the user may not be ready. Therefore, focusing on a specific affiliate program, you should determine the correct time for display. For example, if this is a dating site or food delivery, you need to show it in the evening; if these are loans, the daytime is better.

Traffic from the "push". How not to anger users

Creativity plays a significant role. To successfully push your lead in the right direction, you need to “sweat” a little. Put yourself in the place of the future leads. You get a push message on your phone screen in the middle of the game or while visiting an exciting site. Your actions? Will you want to remove it or be interested in the content as soon as possible? Of course, we want you to choose the second option.

Trying more than one visual makes sense, no matter how great creatives are. It is better to come up with many options for one of them to work.

The picture in push notifications is less critical. You will need to “play” with fonts and text. When working with this message, remember that “brevity is the sister of talent.” You must “pack” your text into a few sentences and develop a selling headline. Don’t forget about emojis, which can give an emotional edge to the message even for users who are not going to read it.

Creative in "push"

Do not forget that now people use different gadgets: laptops, tablets, and smartphones. All of them need at least one visual format because the screen of a laptop and a smartphone has different screen measurements, and as a maximum, they set different bids (bid). Therefore, dividing the advertising campaign into computer and mobile-type is better.

Traffic from the "push". Gagets

CTR, the ratio of clicks to impressions, will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your Push messages. It would seem that some messages will annoy users, but some will bring real gold in skillful hands.

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