The Tale of SalesDoubler in a sunny Tbilisi

Published: 08.06.2021
Updated: 27.02.2023

Hey, lads! We’ve got news for you from hospitable Georgia! Last week our colleagues, affiliates and top partners of the CIS arbitration market had a rally in Tbilisi to chill out in a gentle Georgian sun and share experience. Elders were attracted by one cool event of affiliate-marketing sphere – Affhub Meetup Tbilisi. Here representatives of top companies in gambling, nutra, crypto and PDL niches held presentations about case efficiency, shared experience and just mingled while savoring red wine out of misted glasses.

The report on financial vertical (PDL) was presented by Alexander Boiko – the renowned СЕО of SalesDoubler – the largest and the most popular amongst arbitrageurs of CPA-net of Ukraine in financial niche 😉.

What interesting things did Sasha reveal to the participants of the rally?

  1. First, he shed light on post-quarantine situation on the Ukrainian financial market, «leaked» CR and ECPC indicators as at May 2021.
  2. Second, he presented traffic monetization case.
  3. Third, he revealed the capabilities of the API-traffic with multi-bid and its utility for affiliates that want to monetize their leads with the highest profit possible.
  4. Fourth, he «leaked» the advantages of GDN-companies in Google Ads with API processing.

Sasha’s case is about how one arbitrageur can more efficiently convert their leads and earn more on traffic. The case was to the audience liking. It’s good that now these concepts will be used by colleagues from CIS. As for us, we shall go further in implementing these new tools for our affiliates.

After the conclusion of the official part of the event the participants were enjoying themselves at the bar full of Georgian wines sponsored by SalesDoubler. The meet up has proven to be quite an event and left a pleasant aftertaste literally and figuratively. 😉

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