SalesDoubler at Affiliate World Europe 2022

Published: 29.07.2022
Updated: 27.02.2023

Since not much has gone according to plan for the past five months, we thought, what about an unplanned business trip to …? That’s right, Barcelona! Indeed, the long-awaited Affiliate World Europe conference took place at the beginning of July. And now, we will tell you how SalesDoubler attended an event for the first time since February 24th.

Of course, upon returning from sunny Spain, we caught the Head of SD’s Affiliates, Valeria Shvestko, on the sidelines of our cosy office and staged an interrogation with passion.

But first, a little background.

The Affiliate World Europe conference was held on July 6-7, and there was the same organizer as at the conference in Dubai, where we planned to go at the end of February. But on the 24th, a full-scale war began in Ukraine, and we did not go anywhere.

The organizers met us halfway, and to save our tickets, they offered to attend any other conferences held throughout the year. We decided not to put it off and chose the nearest one. In addition to telling people more about SalesDoubler and what the company does, the primary purpose of our visit was to represent Ukrainian business at the international level.

It was essential for us to participate in the conference, to show that there is a business in Ukraine that works even during the war and works efficiently. We deliver good results and keep growing every month. Show how the Ukrainian industry is trying to survive under challenging conditions and how it is growing no matter what!

Of course, the first thing we asked: Well, how was it? What are your impressions?

People! Their number was more than 4000 participants from different parts of the world! There were representatives from the USA, Malaysia, India, Israel, Canada and other countries. The affiliate world and digital marketing unite a vast number of people. People who missed live communication and were deprived of the opportunity to attend conferences of this magnitude: there was none since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic.

And we have met many open people who were happy to communicate and share their experiences with everyone.


Please tell us what happened at the conference?

Conferences of this format are usually divided into several main areas:

  1. Reports. Participants can listen to the words of incredible experts, which the organizers discover worldwide! The speakers have vast experience and can tell you not only about what is new and exciting happening in the field and how it is changing but also about tricks and life hacks. That is very handy and unique information.
  2. Stands. Some companies buy stands and occupy a large area of ​​the conference. Participants can approach any booth. Representatives of companies will be happy to show, tell, and explain who they are, what kind of company they are, what they do, and why it is profitable to work with them. They can help you find a format in which you can collaborate with them. The main thing is your interest. That is, in any case, from all the stands and the presented participants, you will find those with whom you will be able to work after the conference.
  3. Networking. Fantastic, the most incredible part, which I, for example, love the most! The reports can be viewed in the recording, but networking is priceless! After talking at the stands, you quickly get all the necessary information. And joined the third part, networking, which is the most useful for all market participants — both experienced and newbies. You walk up to people and start a conversation with small talk. And each tells you something about themself and the company they represent. People with great experience are often willing to share information with newcomers who ask intelligent questions. After all, we all need the sphere to develop and grow.

Since we did not have a booth, we were just a tiny part of the extensive networking at the conference. It’s great that many people supported us. They told me even more than they usually do when they discovered that we were from Ukraine! 

Was there some unusual reaction precisely because you are representatives of a Ukrainian company?

Yes! Many were surprised that Ukrainian businesses attended the conference. To the remarks: “But you have a war there!”, We answered: “Yes, there is a war, but we continue to work.” We were not fully prepared for the fact that, in addition to the affiliate sphere, we would communicate with everyone about the situation in Ukraine.

Many have asked where we live. We said that we live in Ukraine. They were shocked. For the Europeans, it was unclear why we were returning to Ukraine after the conference. There is a war there. They knew that many had moved Ukrainian business to other countries. We replied that we would remain in Ukraine. We are in Kyiv now. And we are trying our best to raise the economy of our country!

We were delighted that such a massive number of people we communicated with asked about Ukraine and our being. They wished us a speedy victory, to be safe so there would be fewer missile attacks. Indeed, the world worries about us and supports Ukraine, and we must remember this.

Has something changed in the field while we have adapted to the new realities? 

The affiliate sphere is constantly evolving. It is one of those areas that does not stand still. The Affiliate world is continually changing, day by day, month by month. Someone finds new niches, links, a source of traffic, or a superb promotion method. Every day there is an adaptation to something new, and it is an illusion that someone can use the same techniques as three years ago and get a profit. No. Therefore, everyday adaptation should also take place with us, and we need to be filled with new information, move higher and make the results cooler!

For this, conferences have been created to exchange experiences with colleagues. Find out who did what and who has what and how it works. To understand what worked best and draw conclusions. No one will tell all their chips 100% because they want to maintain the exclusivity of the method and make money on it. But in any case, by receiving information, you can adapt your traffic channels, try new niches, and think about your prospects and where you can go next.

Was the conference helpful?

Each conference brings something new to us, and we understand where the world is moving and what the trends are. For example, we find not only new potential partners for ourselves but also form an idea of ​​where SD can progress and develop.

I am now interested in countries that belong to Tire-1. Many people were interested in PDL in America and Canada. All this is interesting for studying and further outlines a vector of movement, a plan, and go towards goals.

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Now we have a vast selection of GEOs – more than 14- with which affiliates who come to the SD platform can work. We will first focus on saturating GEO data with traffic, but we will also look toward new GEOs. After all, we, just like the entire affiliate world, do not stand still and develop.

Even during the war, we are very cool developing the internal tools that are in SD. (You can read more about the tools here SD Sender, Showcase Builder, author’s note). Added niche Crypto. Added an e-Commerce niche, which advertisers began to fill anew with affiliate programs.

It was also helpful to know that, despite the fall of bitcoin and some instabilities in the crypto sphere, many people continue to be interested in crypto and develop in this direction. They understand that this is a niche that will have its development, the interest of both users and the web. So it was exciting and valuable.

Unfortunately, you can’t make a clone so that one listens to the reports of incredible speakers, and the other has excellent networking (laughs). But I still hope that after the conference, it will be possible to get enough information in communication with new partners with whom I have connected exactly on AWE.

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Perhaps you missed something at the conference? 

Of course, I would like to see as many companies from Ukraine as possible at such a conference. More stands of Ukrainian companies. We want a SalesDoubler stand at the next conference with a significant inscription that we are from Ukraine and are working! So that as many companies as possible understand that it is possible to work with us, including by supporting Ukraine in this way.

I can compare it with Ukrainian conferences. I missed our friendliness and hospitality at meetings here when people are not limited in communication and can stay near the stands in the recreation areas for as long as they need.

The Europeans have everything clearly on time. Compliance with the designated timing is essential for them. If the conference is before 17:00, then at 17:00, everyone must leave the conference area, booths, etc. In this case, you can only chat outside the conference. And to be honest, we had two conference days and didn’t have enough time to talk with everyone we wanted to, with whom we made appointments! On the second day, we had to stand under the walls of the building where the conference was held and communicate with several partners waiting for us (laughs). It’s just not quite usual for us, but the schedule and timing are respected here. So I missed Ukrainian freedom.

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There are differences in how stands are made in Ukraine and what a European-style stand looks like. With us, something is always played out on the racks: Apple Watch, iPhone, you will be fed and watered, and they will also give you a bunch of merchandise to load.

Euro format – clear, without unnecessary glamour and brilliance. For them, the function of the booth is a place where working communication takes place. You are not lured with pranks, merch, or handouts. Specifically, work communication. We have more drive and enthusiasm at conferences. For Europeans, everything is more straightforward. So that wasn’t enough.

What do you think? Are conferences of this format possible in Ukraine?

I very much hope that in the future, events of such a scale, scale and for such a number of people will be held in Ukraine. And I would like it to happen as soon as possible! For our country to become a brand of free people who invite other countries, people from the affiliate sphere to visit them. Because these people want to come! We did not persuade them. They told us themself.

So I’m sure such big, incredible conferences are just around the corner. And they will be able to take place in any city in Ukraine! Everyone will snap up tickets with a desire to come to us.

So, will you be a speaker at the next conference in Ukraine?


An incredible responsibility lies with each speaker at such large conferences, as they are listened to by many people. They listen to advise. So to go on stage and be ready not only to tell something but also to answer questions, a high level of trust and expertise is required. There will be questions, that’s for sure. In the future, I want such conferences to be held in Ukraine, and I want to be a speaker and tell people not only about the war and survival in the field of marketing but also about how cool everything is developing in our country with leaps and bounds. Like: “Come on, keep up with us!”


In the meantime, we are waiting for new conferences and insights. Subscribe to us on social networks to avoid missing the news and stay in touch.

After all, with SD, Big Goal Are Achievements!

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