How to easily and quickly make money on an FMCG offer: a case for beginners

Published: 21.11.2021
Updated: 05.07.2022

Hello everyone! Today we will share the case of an affiliate who made good money on one of our FMCG offers.

The affiliate is a novice to CPA and is not very good at working with paid traffic sources. But this did not stop him from getting the first money in the tariff arbitration with SalesDoubler.

If you follow our news, you probably saw that we launched the Rocket HR CPL offer to find couriers for the well-known food delivery service. Payment for a valid application – 110 UAH.

It prohibits such traffic sources as contextual advertising and social networks, but the affiliate got the idea to work with Telegram and Viber groups. Urban job search groups are very popular among these messengers, so the affiliate decided to post offers in chats.

Posts Examples

The cost of publishing vacancies in such groups is from 70 UAH, and from one placement, you can get 3-7 conversions (depending on the channel/group)

Statistics from the Personal Web Account for 10 days of work (first 4 placements)

Of course, somewhere there were more successful placements, somewhere less. It all depends on the channel/group.

Approval on the offer at the end of October is 100%.

According to the affiliate, his total ROI was over 250%. This case demonstrates that everyone can make money in CPA. There is nothing complicated here 😉

By the way, new cities joined the offer recently – Dnipro and Kharkiv, in addition to Kyiv. So there is an opportunity to repeat the case and earn extra money. Let’s go 😉