Fire show, the National bank, and an afterparty near a pool: 4th PDL Summit was held in Kyiv

Published: 09.07.2021
Updated: 23.02.2023

On the unusually hot morning of 1 July, members of the financial market of Ukraine were in a hurry: they were attracted, perhaps, by the most admirable summer location of Kyiv – that is Fifty Beach Club beach complex in Hidropark. It is here, where this year there took place the top business event of the credit industry – that is the 4 th PDL Summit that was organized by Treeum company under support of All-Ukrainian Association of Financial Companies (AUAFC). Looking a bit ahead we should say that the idea to hold the summit in such a picturesque and maximally welcoming place gave possibility for participants not only to work fruitfully but also to have some easygoing rest with listening to melodies from an extremely popular movie by Tarantino at “From dust till dawn” after party!

So having gathered near a turquoise pool first guests were drinking lemonade and morning coffee in relaxed atmosphere and they were giving their kind smiles to new comers.

At 10 am sharp there started official part of the event with positive welcoming speech of Ivan Yevtushenko, who is the CEO of Treeum company.

The top manager wished the participants to have fruitful networking and useful insights with emphasize on the fact that companies need to develop and to introduce new practices for improvement of transparency and development of the market:

«It has never been possible before to open a credit in such a fast and easy way. About one hundred of brands and numbers of companies work on the market providing technological and service solutions that surpass classical bank crediting in many things.

At the same time requirements to such companies are increasing by times – now they are to provide their reports directly to the National Bank of Ukraine, to have clear structure of ownership and to be honest with a consumer. In order to help with transformation of crediting business we are holding PDL Summit with support of the AUAFC for the fourth time”.

After that guests of the event were greeted by Oleksii Shaban (deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine), Alla Saviuk (president of AUAFC and Anton Avramenko (EasyPay co-owner).

After warm welcoming speech participants made welcome the first speaker of the summit – SalesDoubler CEO Oleksandr Boiko (he is the head of Treeum crediting sector at the same time).

Oleksandr described dynamics of the crediting market of Ukraine, he told the audience how coronavisrus influenced ECPC and how crediting market was changed, he presented statistics of search requests and he also provided much interesting information.

Being warmed up with the first speech guests of the event met with interest Vadym Romaniuk (the National Bank of Ukraine), who told them about targets of Resolution №30 of the 14 th of April concerning disclosure of information about the structure of ownership of financial companies and he shared the first results of reports analysis with them.

After that Vladyslav Dykyi (the National Bank of Ukraine) presented possibilities of “Prostir” national payment system for non-bank financial institutions, and Olha Lobaichuk (the National Bank of Ukraine) told the audience about the first results of supervision in the
sphere of protection of rights of consumers after taking of the relevant law.

The first block was finished with “New rules of game on the market of NPL – risks or possibilities for creditors” discussion with notable participants: Alla Saviuk (the president of the AUAFC) became a moderator, and Olha Vasylevska-Smahliuk (a people’s deputy of Ukraine), Olha Lobaichuk (the National Bank of Ukraine), Volodymyr Dovhal (Aventus Ukraine), Nataliia Klevakina (the director of CCloan and MisterCash), Yevhen Rezuiev (UkrCreditFinance), Iryna Koretska (E-Groshi) become external speakers.

The first coffee-break gave guests the opportunity to communicate, and we had time to take several interviews to measure interest of participants to things that take place.

Alina Shostak, the AUAFC: “Such events are interesting because they give possibility to put direct questions and to get direct answers from any speaker, it is not necessary for that to write thousands of requests and to wait for answers. At the same time it is a pleasure to feel the energy of each person, what cannot be got during an online-conference. Readiness of the regulatory market to get contact is also attractive, for players it’s a strong signal that we can influence final decisions”.

Guest (incognito): «It is a pleasure to see here the National Bank that presents its position in respect to the future of the policy of the governmental regulation. Notwithstanding the fact that this policy is not always such one that players of the market want to see, it is still
important. Networking format is also valuable: everyone knows each other on our market, that is why we can share some observations in informal conversation, we can come to now something new. We come here for it”.

Anastasiia: “The most interesting thing for me was to listen to a report of the National Bank of Ukraine, as I am not a lawyer and this information appears to be new for me. It is a good location and a good day!”

After a break the programme of the summit moved forward according to the plan, and we decided to speak with Ivan Yevtushenko, who is the CEO of Treeum company that organized this event.

Good day, Ivan! What is the value of this summit for its members?

Ivan:The summit is a real opportunity to build effective network and to put all questions that we amassed either to a regulator or to our colleagues in the field. Each event that we hold under the guidance of media of the Ministry of Finances and is aimed at further consolidation of the market and open exchange of information among all its players.

We call our colleagues to share openly and everywhere results of launches of new products, fresh researches of users, marketing fuck-ups and any recommendations that will help to improve financial products or business processes that exist on the market”.

What innovations in the format of the event, topics of speeches, problems of the market are expected at the future events?

Ivan: “I am sure that in the future we will see development of closer partnership between banks and micro-financial organizations and noted cases of pivots of business models of micro-financial organizations that will start providing not only micro crediting but also all basic financial services to their clients“.

What suggestions, directing advice for players of the market can you give?

Ivan: “According to the latest data that are known to me more than million people were brought in crediting, they made their first credit history and in this way they left the unbanked category in Ukraine for the last years. I would call it to be our common victory with you”.

And because of the fact that we have already made some certain wow-figure, І would like the market to switch into quality and client service that is placed in the product, and I would like the market to be able to build really sound relations with each Ukrainian from this million of users».

At that time there were the following speakers on the stage:

  • Denis Zikeiev, a founder of RIskTools and BKI Online companies, who presented useful “Credit scoring and quality of portfolio in 2021”
  • Vlas Holovin, the director in products development of Moneyveo told the audience about how to develop and to present on the market the products that do not have analogues (it was waw!);
  • Dmytro Yakovlev, the director of the department of innovations in IBOX Bank, shared his views of how to launch a bank card for micro-financial organizations.

However, a bar zone was working actively all the time giving guests possibility to have a rest from a great amount of valuable information.

At the pick of a business day moderator Lidiia Yeremenko, the head of Ukrainian Fintech Hub Youtube-channel, opened a discussion on the topic of “Development of Fintech in Ukraine. How can a micro-financial organization become a neobank?” Yevhen Lisniak (Visa), Oleksii Amitan (Bredley Holding), Hela Slisarchuk (PSP Platon), Olena Andronikova (Moneyveo), Denis Saprykin (Sportbank) and Roman Katerynchyk (MyCredit) participated in it.

Here it is important to mention that guests in the auditorium followed with interest how a ball of discussion was going from one speaker to another, as the topic of further development of the financial market in general and in each company separately is thorny in agenda.

Just after that there was a welcome meal break and we continued interviews with guests of the event, we asked about their mood and impression of things that are taking place.

Vasyl Serheiev, Moneyveo: “We get new trends and tendencies on the market in friendly and positive atmosphere. On a panel discussion there are always raised pressing discussions on the topic of the latest innovations of the National Bank, it is interesting to listen to them”.

Player of the market: «The Ukrainian fintech market is under dynamic development: many things in application of voice bots, scoring, improvement of work of call- centres have been already done. We introduced neural networks, now they are learning to make prognosis. Of
course, we are coming up with developed countries so far, however, such a position gives us possibility not to repeat their mistakes and to realize the effective scenario from the very beginning”.

Olha Maletska, GoFingo: «I am very glad to meet people from my market, here it is possible to share insights, to come to know what happens on other ones. Speeches are useful for understanding of direction of development of the market. Specific figures are rarely presented from a stage, but in an individual conversation it is possible to share some figures”.

Yehor Borodintsev, E-Groshi: «It is interesting to see the way other companies live in our business, to share experience and contacts”.

The third part of the programme was opened by Taras Tarasenko, a people’s deputy of Ukraine of the 9 th convocation, with the topic “New requirements to protection of personal data”, Ihor Bokii, CEO of 4Bill, with the presentation “Win-win-win: Strategy of payment methods” and Hanna Shakhdinarian, Account Director of Kantar Ukraine with an analysis of portrait of a Ukrainian consumer in the context of finances.

Till the evening participants of the summit were more and more getting a taste for co-working, it was possible to see them in the company of each other in different entertainment locations of Fifty Beach Club beach complex oftener then in the auditorium. But is it possible to keep from a game in minigolf or from cold cocktail in such a sunny day? 😉

A fruitful day of insights and networking was coming to the end and for conclusion there were speeches on marketing topics:

  • Hanna Moiseieva, Marketing director of CCloan and MisterCash fintech companies, explained which marketing strategy is better to be chosen in the modern reality: aggressive or moderate;
  • Volodymyr Halika, СЕО, told the audience about components of correct digital strategy and what we need it for;
  • Serafima Nekhoda, marketing director of MyCredit, presented a case about successful introduction of analytical instruments in fintech marketing.

Regardless of some intellectual tiredness, the audience gave grateful applause to each speaker, and presenters of the event moved slightly to competition for presents from sponsors with thankful words to all participants of the 4 th PDL Summit for their presence for one more time.

And after the end of the main part guests of the summit had an unforgettable party near a pool in “From dust till dawn” style from a partner – that is SalesDoubler, which is a favourite CPA-network of Ukrainian advertisers of the fintech vertical!

Blue velvet of the evening sky was cut with fire-show lights, “Green Mexican” cocktails were giving pleasant cooling, and figure of a brilliant dancer in the style of Salma Hayek with a python on her shoulders was etched in minds of persons that were present for a long time!

Even rain that has come suddenly was not able to wash away pleasant aftertaste from the summer hot event.

Tired but satisfied financial experts and their partners were chilling in a lounge zone near a pool, and we caught them there to take several final interviews.

Serhii Abbasov, Acord-group: “It was cheerily and briskly. As a representative of IT company I can mark quite high technological level of participants. However, financial companies can earn even more money by means of digitalization and automation of their business processes: to give and to get back with bigger amount and better quality. I am thrilled that many PDL have already introduced some certain developed software. The market is under development, companies become more interesting for borrowers, they bring more and more clients”.

Anastasiia Chernyshova, Money4You: “The thing that makes this summit interesting is the fact that here there are discussed not only the innovations that have been already taken, but also the ones that are planned. It gives the opportunity to prepare to them in a proper way. At the same time we take part in working groups and we feel that our opinion is important. Today we have good weather that is favourable to our rest near a wonderful pool! SD is our favourite partner, we are satisfied with our cooperation, we develop together and build plans for getting of new markets. Our future victories are waiting for us!”

What we should say, the event was very successful, the guests are satisfied and we should be very thankful for that to the organizers! On the balance of the participants there are kept useful insights, new contacts and outstanding impression from a cool afterparty that was
organized by the best friend of advertisers that is SalesDoubler company!

By the way, on the 1 st of July, 2021 a leading CPA network of Ukraine in the financial vertical launched the most large-scale action for affiliates – that is SD Affiliate Racing race for millions. Arbitrators have a competition for super prizes on real wheels and for more than 20 munificent monetary prizes for top places in the rating. You can read details about the action by the link.

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