CreditPlus “We always lend in any circumstances”

Published: 25.11.2022
Updated: 26.01.2023

Our regatta, “Race of the Indestructible” continues, and we want to introduce you to one of our Admirals.

CreditPlus – is an easy online loan service. One of the best financial companies in Ukraine, which has been on the market for more than 6 years. Issued more than 3,5 million loans for more than 800 thousand clients. The company is part of an international group with experience in successful work in different countries of Europe.

Winner of FinAwards 2022 in the following categories: “Resistant microfinance organisation” and “Best CEO of a microfinance organisation”, which was personally received by the director of the company Volodimir Dovgal.

CreditPlus title holder of:

  • «Choice of  the country 2020»
  • «Choice of  the country 2021»
  • «The Best CPA-offer 2020»
  • «The Best CPA-offer 2021»

CreditPlus was the first in Ukraine, with the support of UBCH (Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories), who started cooperation with Visa to introduce a new model for assessing the credit risks of its clients. CreditPlus risk management is based on a multi-level scoring system, which is the company’s know-how. The credit scoring system works based on complex algorithms in which dependency equations use more than 100 parameters that automatically determine the level of risk for each client.

Why you should choose СreditPlus affiliate programs:

  • high CR; 
  • competitive payouts; 
  • stable scoring;
  • thanks to 24/7 work, applications are processed constantly; 
  • Payout guarantee for affiliates. 
Pour on СreditPlus affiliate programs and earn more miles. See you at the finish line.
We wish you good luck and a fair wind in the regatta. And remember that  “Великі цілі досяжні” when you’re moving along the right course!