One Million Promotion For Affiliates

Published: 09.03.2023
Updated: 13.03.2023

One million hryvnias prize promotion for our affiliates. SalesDoubler decided to do something big. And to support the Ukrainian PDL market. We are known for our large-scale promotions. Therefore, we have realized that now, more than ever, it is vital to do something as we used to before the war. Something great and valuable. All of us were feeling some struggles. Some external, some internal. But we are the most effective only when we are together.

Our team retained connections with partners and enthusiasm for work and continued to support SalesDoubler, leading the company toward the Big Goals because we all knew they were achievable.

And then we thought our affiliates would willingly participate in such activity! Many of them have been with us for so many years, so why not take a little tour behind the scenes of the One million promotion “Race of the Unbreakable”? But the decision to support PDL Ukraine didn’t come out of nowhere. All our promotions are more than just PR, as it may seem. It’s also more “high” motives.

How Did It Start: One Million Promotion For Affiliates

So let’s start from the very beginning! We held a round table with representatives of the Ukrainian PDL. It was a small celebration of our anniversary. Tenth anniversary must we add. And it was so good to meet offline. During a pandemic and war, this has become the exception rather than the rule. We talked about market trends and shared experiences and analyzed the numbers. After spending a few hours in an exciting discussion, we concluded that we need a new promotion at Ukraine’s GEO!

We realized that our beloved PDL vertical needed to recover. So we talked, agreed, and shook hands with Ukraine’s best microfinance organizations (PDLs). Having thought about everything well, we began to create. Our team has already had many meetings and a general brainstorming session. There were a lot of questions. What can we offer in this challenging time for the country? How to raise the PDL vertical?

Past Experience

A wave of enthusiasm swept over everyone. Our last large-scale promotion – SD Affiliate Racing- was held back during the peaceful period. It ended with a loud party on February 18, 2022. 4 days before the war. SD Affiliate Racing remained a good memory, like from a past life.

One million promotion for affiliates. Promo SD Affiliate Racing from SD

Of course, we couldn’t sit still. And we present a new promotion – SD Safari. But the scale was smaller. And we always want something great! We wanted a million hryvnias prize promo!

 Promo SD Affiliate Racing from SD

Concept: One Million Promotion For Affiliates

So we didn’t waste any time and started developing the concept. We had a lot of ideas in our heads. After all, every employee of the company is an experienced marketer. So our brainstorming is always interesting. Because everyone can give out the most unexpected ideas, but at that time, everyone had only Ukraine in their heads! We wanted movement. It was necessary that our new one million promotion for affiliates would fully reflect the position of PDL Ukraine.

We had a great desire to see our country all-in-one and free. So we started to draw a map. We dreamed of a beautiful future and came up with a regatta. We decided the participants would go under full sail from Kyiv to Crimea. Our Crimea!

One million promotion for affiliates. Map of the Ukraine

Mechanics And Name

The only thing left to do was to figure out the mechanics. After thinking through dozens of variations, we decided it was not the time to “invent the wheel”. Therefore, we decided to make the promotion mechanics as similar as possible to our previous promos. To make participation comfortable and easy. After all, we wanted to please our affiliates, not come up with new quests, which we had enough in a real life. And, of course, bring some interesting into their life.

Another challenge in creating promotions was the name and slogan. It must reflect the intent. We connected all departments and conducted a survey. Of the almost 30 options, we chose the one already familiar to you – “Race of the Unbreakable”. After all, right now is the time when the value of one you are familiar with, one you knew your whole life with is felt very strongly. Something that has been invested in a lot of effort! And right now, we need to unite and raw together! Together, not separately!

Sponsors or, as we called them, Admirals one million promotion for affiliates was time-tested microcredit companies, namely:

One million promotion for affiliates. sponsors - PDL companies

The total prize fund was over UAH 1 000 000!

One million promotion for affiliates. Prize found 1 000 000

Guaranteed prizes for the top twenty

One million promotion for affiliates. Garant prizes for winners

10 random prizes from 21+ place

10 random prizes from 21+ place

And one random surprise prize among all affiliates

And one random surprise prize among all affiliates

Admirals Of The Ukraine PDL Market

We wrote a lot about our Admirals during the one million promotion for affiliates. We interviewed them and learned that everyone has been helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the beginning of the war, evacuating people from the occupied territories and purchasing medical equipment for hospitals. And at the beginning, for several months, they stopped accruing interest on loans for the population and realized that almost every Ukrainian faced financial problems. Here, we realized that we succeeded with the choice of partners and with the name of the action. We’re unbreakable and raw together. Because every entrepreneur and company try to bring victory closer, it’s always a pleasure to deal with successful businesses after all these years together. We enjoyed the interview and cooperation within the framework of this promotion ourselves.

One Million Promotion For Affiliates “Race Of The Unbreakable.”

We have rowed almost 300,000 miles together! Two hundred twenty-three affiliates participated in the campaign, and 51 passed the 300+ mile limit. We brought practically 70,000 first and 10 000 repeated credits to PDL UA admirals!

On February 28, we spent an online raffle of one million, as we promised. During the stream, СЕО of SalesDoubler Aleksander Boyko congratulated all the winners.

And we are glad to remind you of the top three:

  • 1 – Resourceful affiliate: 

swam 79 175 miles, won UAH 130 000

  • 2 – Playful SEO: 

swam 58 470 miles, won UAH 100 000

  • 3 – Lively sailor: 

swam 23 309 miles, won UAH 70 000

And, of course, the lucky ones who won random prizes:

  • Impressive affiliate – UAH 10 000
  • Excellent doorway – UAH 10 000
  • Active shayver – 10 000
  • River proof – 10 000
  • Perfect referral – 10 000
  • Lively doorway – 20 000
  • Curious owner – 20 000
  • Resourceful fan-pager – 20 000 
  • Intriguing web – 25 000 
  • Lively proof – 25 000 
  • Cool convert – 30 000 
  • Intriguing spammer – 50 000 
  • Playful doorway – 50 000 

Our Affiliates Reviews

During the award ceremony, our affiliates did not hide their emotions and thanked SalesDoubler and the campaign partners for the opportunity to continue working.

This is a derivative of our partnership. I am much more grateful to SalesDoubler for reviving the PDL UA vertical. It became an indicator that the business is working. The business is alive. For our team, it was a sign that that you can still build your business in Ukraine.”

Cool convert

Thank you for not stopping! I wish all webmasters victories and our main victory!”

Resourceful lead

Thank you, SD, thank you to our partners, thank you the Ukrainian market for giving us the opportunity to earn money. We have an economic front, we help not only the Armed Forces, but also people.

And yes, we want to give these UAH 50 000 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Playful SEO

We are incredibly proud of the promotion, the participants, and our fearless admirals – Ukraine’s best microfinance organizations (PDLs). We believe that “Mischief managed.” Our affiliates got an adrenaline rush, and we learned something new about our partners. We thank all of you for pouring traffic into these affiliate programs with us! The PDL vertical feels much better than before our promotion. Congratulations to the winners! And we are doing everything possible to bring our most crucial victory closer! We plan to hold large-scale promotions in the future. Because we know that “Big goals are achievable!”

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