Results of the first half of the year in SD

Published: 27.06.2022
Updated: 27.02.2023

Oh, what times we had last years…! Too many horrible occasions. Despite how much has happened lately, SD is 100% sure that we will win soon and return to our ordinary life.

So, we keep working for our future. Recently, we have rolled out a showcase constructor for you, a course “Profession Affiliate 1.0” for beginners, and even more, our new tool, an SMS sender, is under development!
People indeed say, that extreme conditions maximally activate our neural connections and make us move forward. SalesDoubler has already learned how to survive in any crisis and go further and develop the company. It can be difficult sometimes, but we know that our team consists of experts, professionals in their field, and a solid union of employees and affiliates. Together we are invincible!

SD COO Yaroslav Semkiv interviewed our readers to summarise the results of the year’s first half and talk about the company’s plans for the future.

– Hello, Yaroslav! Please, could you tell us what were the company’s plans for the first half of the year and how much of it was completed despite the difficult situation?

Hello. The high-level plans were:
1) maintain the position of the TOP1 CPA of the SalesDoubler network in Ukraine – traffic and earnings – and slightly increase (by 10% from the same period in 2021)

2) actively grow SD as an international CPA Fintech platform, connect new GEOs and dozens of advertisers, invest in marketing and attract many affiliates from other countries.

Actually, we could not implement the first part of the plan… Perhaps like the absolute majority of businesses in Ukraine. Only January and February were successful. But this is also relative because the receivables of advertisers for these months are still very significant today.

In the international part of the plan, we have made significant progress – June promises to be a record in terms of profit in the entire history of the International direction (since 2018, when we took the first steps). Moreover, we did it due to the self-sacrificing work of the SD team and traffic partners, affiliates from Ukraine, who began actively attracting traffic to the International PDL direction. There was almost no marketing investment because there was nothing to make them from, and the main task was to keep the team with significantly reduced wages.

– Was any anti-crisis model envisaged against the backdrop of the latest news before February 24?

Actually, the active development of the international direction of the CPA network became our anti-crisis plan. However, the main goals were to increase capitalization and diversify the business, which was 95% dependent on Ukraine.

– How did the company meet on February 24? What actions were taken first?

Like most companies, shock and confusion in the first few hours, but it quickly passed, and we began to act. The top and middle management were in constant contact and decided to pay the entire salary for February asap, which the company did within 2-3 days. During this time, most of the colleagues found relatively safe places. The time has come for an anti-crisis plan and constant communication with colleagues, finding ways to help those in need in the first place (evacuation, additional financial support, etc.). And, of course, finding ways/solutions to keeping the business from falling to continue paying salaries/taxes and move on in the new reality.

– When or after what actions did you begin to understand that you can develop further and not everything is lost?

When we established a regular team rhythm of an online meeting, when we talked to international advertisers and saw their support, and when our affiliates began to attract traffic, redirecting it to International PDL affiliate programs. Perhaps, in mid-March, we realized this, came to our senses from the shock of the war and began to put all the heat of the soul into the work) And today, there is no doubt about this because we are growing dynamically again.

– Have affiliates approached you with some professional pain?

Yes, with the fact that there is not enough money for traffic – working capital. Affiliates told our managers they need to get payments that Ukrainian advertisers owe them. And every day, we pay off this debt, and the web strengthens their traffic campaigns.

– And what pains did the company experience?

The same pains: the lack of financial resources for payments to affiliates and wages, not to mention investment in marketing. Especially this pain was intensified by the uncertainty with the repayment of debts by the advertisers themselves. For some time, there was no communication at all with most of them, but subsequently, they began to communicate and pay off for January-February very slowly.

– SD has already prepared a recovery and development plan? Can you tell us some news? What cool things can we expect from SD?

We have been moving according to the formed plan for a long time, and not just prepared it) We opened an office in Kazakhstan and are planning in other countries, held webinars / round tables with affiliates and advertisers, and made several useful tools for affiliates, every week we have more Ukrainian advertisers in the PDL segment and eCommerce Services, launched the Crypto niche, connected advertisers in 8 new GEOs (we already had 5 before), integrated with the cool international platform Impact, are restoring the integration API with advertisers, started investing in marketing, and we already see how the number of international affiliates, rolled out a new site in three languages…, and that’s not all)

-What are the major changes in the global arbitration market?

Especially no new ones, the traffic is getting more expensive, the Crypto niche is growing again, Google is banning accounts, and FaceBook does not allow you to work freely, but this happened before, so that we can handle it. But in Russia, there are apparently a lot of problems for affiliates))), but we don’t care about it because we won’t have traffic partners from there and from Belarus. They won’t be able to register initially.

– Are there any tangible changes for affiliates?

In SD or the world?) Now we have many verticals and advertisers in the CPA network – a large selection of various affiliate programs in different countries of the world: PDLs, banks, e-commerce, cryptocurrency, insurance, services and FMCG. And this means that the affiliates have many alternatives on how to monetize their traffic and choose experimentally the affiliate programs/verticals/countries that will bring them a high profit. And then scale there.

– Can you compare the crisis after quarantine and after February 24? Are there any similar parallels?

Parallels, if any, are very distant. At first, everything also almost stopped in Ukraine, but after 1-2 months, it recovered by 90%. In the current situation, it is not necessary to predict a full recovery at all because some companies have ceased to exist, some do not plan to recover in the near future (and 4 months have already passed), and only a small proportion of Ukrainian PDLs are slowly resuming lending, focusing on their regular, reliable clients. The market recovered by 2-3% and is growing very slowly.

– According to your assessment, what forecasts for the next year can you make for your affiliates?

It isn’t easy to predict… Can anyone give a forecast regarding the further course of hostilities? The question is rhetorical, so to think what will happen next with the market for affiliates in Ukraine is a thankless and inaccurate business. The market will grow slowly, possibly recovering by 10-15% of pre-war figures towards the end of the year.

– Your recommendations for affiliates?

Learn to attract traffic to international affiliate programs of different verticals. To do this, we have affiliate programs of advertisers from all over the world and the necessary tools. At first steps, Google Translate can take on the difficulties of translation (later on, you can find native freelancers), and you need to google the mentality of certain countries by yourself, popular traffic sources in certain GEOs, analyze search results by advertisers/landing pages, and consult with affiliates. SD support – will gladly help you with the optimal choice of affiliate programs by traffic sources. And most importantly, start experimenting with traffic because No pain, no gain🙂

– What can you say to affiliates who are thinking of joining SD?

Welcome! Big goals are achievable with SD!

As you can see from the interview, SalesDoubler employs very active and dedicated people. If you want to work as an affiliate in a team with such powerful support, follow the link, register and follow our news. We will help you get started and keep you updated with all the novelties and interesting affiliate programs!

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