PDL International. How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube?

Published: 18.05.2023

The PDL International vertical is multifaceted and has many angles of view. Let’s figure out what you need to do to earn a good profit on PDL International offers.

Forty-nine years ago, the world saw the Rubik’s Cube and then appeared they – speedcubers. The fastest and most competent magic cube assemblers. God’s algorithm, many participants, and a record 3.47 seconds to assemble! You don’t have to be God to pour traffic. We thought that for any task, we needed a simple step-by-step algorithm.

Step 1. Register in SalesDoubler

If you are already registered, then scroll on. You have already passed this stage. If not, then be sure to join our team.

The PDL International

You only need to follow the link and enter your phone number in the box. Then you can get into your personal account and see all our affiliate programs that we have. You will also get access to our usable tools that will help you pour traffic and earn.

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Step 2. Meet PDL International 

PDL International is one of the promising verticals in traffic arbitrage, specializing in short-term loans. This is a top-rated service in many countries because everyone needs money. With the global crisis, small payday loans have become popular not only in third-world countries, but also in fairly developed parts of our planet. Keep in mind that SalesDoubler has many verticals.

Meet PDL International

What should you pay attention to when working with PDL International?

  • Legal restrictions. You should carefully study the regulatory documents and legal aspects of the country where you are going to pour traffic and carefully read the conditions provided by the lending company.
  • The target audience. You need to understand that future leads are not rich people and it is necessary to thoroughly think about what devices they use. Perhaps in some countries, more people use computers, while in others only smartphones. We need to understand why people need loans. What is their request?
  • Traffic sources. It will be necessary to find out which social network is more widespread in a particular region. Where do people look for information?

Step 3. Identify your strengths

Of course, you know how to pour traffic, but each of us does something better, and something a little worse. Traffic channels in the PDL International vertical are quite diverse. You can sell a loan both on social networks and through Push messages. But you should focus on what you do better.

Identify your strengths

SEO. plays an important role in pouring traffic from search engines. Collecting keywords, optimizing content, using the correct URLs and tags… If this is familiar and close to you, then this is your strong point.

Telegram, Facebook, Instagram. If you know how to write a post quickly and beautifully, which will “hook” anyone, here is your strength. 

PPC. Are you skilled with Google Ads and know how to create cool advertisements? Then this is your way. 

Push. If short messages with a clear message are your things, use this promotion option.

In general, you need to understand that it is better to attract traffic from different directions. One advertising campaign should be promoted using all the tools, but you can invest more money in the traffic channel where you have more experience. So you will pour into the plus, and you will be able to earn a big profit. So diversify with PDL International!

diversify with PDL International!

Step 4. Learn about the regional features of PDL International 

Even if you have already poured traffic to PDL International in one country, it doesn’t mean that nothing has changed. You always have to keep your finger on the pulse. This market is changing very quickly. Laws change. Therefore, before entering this vertical, you must carefully study everything from legal norms to ethical standards.

But let’s tell you some insider information about the regions we work with. More information you can read here.

Learn about the regional features of PDL International 


This market is developing rapidly and is already quite competitive. Russian and English are used here, so a translator is unlikely to be needed. It’s time to pour traffic into this region.

Advice from SalesDoubler: For this region, a bunch of comparison site – collection of leads – push via sms and e-mail is appropriate


The market is developing, but there are few microfinance organizations and very little competition. Despite this, some companies willing to pay up to $40 per client, which is quite good.

Advice from SalesDoubler: In this country, e-mail and SMS work best. It is cheap and converts well.


The actual percentage of loans issued through banks is 5-10%. Therefore, most people use microcredit organizations. This market is young, and competition is low. So in Mexico, you can earn right here and now.

Advice from SalesDoubler: In many cases, microloans are given not to one person but to a group of 5 people. Most often – women.


Microcredit organizations are popular among young people. They take loans mainly to solve household problems. However, only 10% of borrowers manage to get a bank loan.

Advice from SalesDoubler: Some Vietnamese take out loans for gambling. You can use this as a “hook” to catch a lead. And remember about the translator. He will come in handy. Write in the support.

Sri Lanka

A pretty young market, not yet filled with many microcredit organizations. Little competition among affiliates.

Advice from SalesDoubler: Get a translator. We will gladly help you with this. Contact support. For this region, a bunch of comparison site – collection of leads  – push via e-mail is appropriate.

Step 5. Choose PDL International affiliate programs 

It is important to choose the right affiliate program. For this, you will need full detailed statistics. You can get it by contacting support. You should also look at the type of target action for the affiliate program (CPL, CPO, CPVL, CPI, CPSR, CPS).

Choose PDL International affiliate programs

In PDL International vertical it could be divided into two types:

  • CPL (Cost Per Lead) – payment for the client who left the application.
  • CPS (Cost Per Sale) – payment for the client who took the loan.

Advice from SalesDoubler: Don’t just consider the reward amount when choosing an affiliate program. This does not always guarantee a big profit. The main parameter that you should pay attention to is eCPC (profit from one click)

Step 6. Pour On Affiliate Programs PDL International

As we have already said, PDL International is very interesting and profitable. You can work with different traffic sources and lead generation options in different regions. The main important thing is the legal side. But if you carefully read the article and read our StartingKit-International in detail, which, by the way, you can download in a convenient PDF format, you can earn.

Pour traffic and earn with us. Remember – “Big goals are achievable!”

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