New SalesDoubler million hryvnias promotion: “Race of the Unbreakable!”

Published: 09.11.2022
Updated: 27.02.2023

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Yes, that’s exactly what you thought, SalesDoubler launched a new promotion with a prize fund of 1,000,000 + UAH (more than $27k)! “Race of the Unbreakable!” 

It concerns the Ukrainian PDL market uplift during the war.

By type, itis a regatta where, as soon as you have earned 300 miles on the affiliate programrs of the PDL UA vertical, you immediately break into the competition 

and fight for a lot of guaranteed cash prizes!


Besides the incredible promotion route which runs through the whole of Ukraine, from Kyiv to  the currently occupied Crimea, Sevastopol, we have no less incredible sponsors. And, for a moment, these are some of the best PDLcompanies in Ukraine!

Why is it important to know sponsors by sight?

Firstly, Admiral’s  affiliate program gives you x3 miles for targeted action:

  • 9 miles – 1 CPA (issued credit to a new client);
  • 4.5 miles – 1 CPSR (reissued credit).

Secondly, these are the top PDL companies in Ukraine, which are raising our country’s economy  right now. 

So, let’s row together and move forward to victory! 


Moneyveo UA CPS+CPSR– a service thanks to which Ukrainians solve their financial issues here and now. The company’s task is to provide quick financial assistance without personal office visits  and long waiting times. Moneyveo is the winner of FinAwards 2022 in the categories: “Best Online PDL company”. The company is also a FinAwards 2022 bronze medalist in the nomination “Best quality of service in a PDL. Recommended by”.

Money4you UA CPS – 24/7 online credit service in 5 minutes. Winner of FinAwards 2022 in the nomination “Reliable PDL partner”. 

Зеcredit UA CPS – the financial company which provides unlimited short-term loans. Using the online service, Зecredit allows the client  to receive a loan at any time of the day, in just 5 minutes, to any bank account. Thanks to the loyalty system, the company offers promotional conditions in the form of a reduced interest rate and an extension of the term of use.

CreditPlus UA CPS – the financial company that provides online lending services with the payment of money to a bank card. Unique technical solutions allow you to use the Internet service 24/7. CreditPlus is the winner of FinAwards 2022 in the nominations: “Sustainable PDL”. . The company also received silver in the nomination “Leading Technologies and Innovations at the PDL UA market”.

SelfieCredit UA CPS – fast online lending service of a new generation. The company processes applications 24/7 and automatically receives the client’s data using a selfie. Money is credited to the card within 5-10 minutes.

Credit7 UA CPS  – is an online platform that processes loans in 5-7 minutes, and funds are credited to the card instantly. It offers the first loan for only 0.01% and flexible loan terms: the client is given the right to repay the debt ahead of schedule or move the repayment date by paying only percents.

Banana Credit UA CPS – Ukrainian financial company providing unlimited short-term loans. Thanks to the online service, the client can receive a loan at any time of the day, in just 5 minutes, to any bank account. Thanks to the loyalty system, the company offers promotional conditions in the form of a reduced percent rate and an extension of the terms.

КачайГроші UA CPS affiliate programs users a service where in just 10 minutes you can apply for and get a loan. To do this, you must  have a minimum of documents – a passport and TIN. You will also need a bank card and a computer or phone with the Internet. Just a few clicks – and the card balance is topped up.

Follow the link to your account and see the current rates for the offers of our Admirals! Pour some traffic, get x3 miles and break into the top winners of “Race the Unbreakable!”


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We wish you a fair wind and victory in the race! After all, “Великі цілі досяжні!”, if you choose the right course!

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