New promo for our affiliates — SD Safari

Published: 11.07.2022
Updated: 15.07.2022

The coolest promotion from SD is back!

We are in love with any adventure! Whether racing, travel, friendly meetings or even an exotic safari. For all fans of extreme sports and excitement, SalesDoubler has prepared a VIRTUAL hunt for REAL gifts – “SD SAFARI”

Do your usual business, increase income and receive gifts for it – this is possible only in SD!

Be ready; everything here is like a real hunt! But a humanely one 🙂 And one thing hunt isn’t happening without is the bullets. In our Safari, “bullets” are the points received when bringing traffic to the new markets.

Here SalesDoubler will be your faithful armour-bearer and assistant. We also remind you of free access to our Comparison Site Constructor, which you will 100% need to conquer the chosen markets.

Bring the traffic – collect “bullets”. The more “bullets” you have, the more trophies you can pick up!

  • 30 “bullets” – 1 CPA (loan issued to a new client);
  • 5 “bullets” – 1 CPL (lead).

We have been pretty creative with your future trophies 🙂 So, follow the link faster, register and see what gifts are waiting for you! SD SAFARI, prepare your hunter’s bag!

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