Showcase in 5 minutes with a new constructor from SalesDoubler

Published: 20.06.2022
Updated: 27.02.2023

SalesDoubler has been preparing a surprise for you for a long time! Finally, we are ready to present you with a super-cool, effective, convenient and effective new tool 一 showcase constructor! No more complicated schemes and hours spent on designing one showcase. In a few minutes, clicks and the showcase are ready; you can start monetizing your traffic 🙂

Advantages of the constructor from SD

  • You have 7 languages at your disposal: English, Filipino, Vietnamese, Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian.
  • You can create any showcase not only on a computer but also on a mobile device. You must agree, this is very convenient! If you suddenly came up with some brilliant idea, open the constructor and write it down! 🙂
  • Also, use the six possible storefront domains.

This tool is located in the personal account of each affiliate. You can use it for free! 🙂 Now, you can quickly develop a showcase for yourself, stand out on the platforms among other affiliates and attract your audience’s attention in a better way.

You can create a showcase for any vertical, both financial and FMCG.

We are sure that you will like and use this tool! Let’s look at how this constructor works, its interface, and its useful features.

Overview and instructions for using the constructor

General settings

If you are not registered yet, then quickly follow the link and join SalesDoubleraffiliates 🙂

In the “Tools” section, you will immediately see the “Showcase constructor” tab.


You get to the main page of the constructor, where you can change your landing page as you like 🙂

On the left side of the constructor is the control panel, and on the right side, there is a template that displays all the changes you have made. It is a very handy feature because you can immediately see what the landing page looks like.

Let’s start creating and editing our site structure – color, language, affiliate programs, etc.

The landing page will be automatically translated into the language you set.

You can manually enter all the information if you want to make a showcase in a language that is not in the templates.


You can choose the GEO to which you will bring the traffic and the showcase’s name.

Next is the parking of the domain where your showcase will be. The constructor contains instructions on how to do this. The list contains 2 Ukrainian and 4 foreign domains.

You will also have the option to enter your GTM ID as a manager to track showcase activity + additional tags the affiliate may want to customize.

Header of the showcase

You have 8 different colors for the header of the landing page, its background constructor and the text’s format. Also, you can change and select the logo only by adding the text in the special field.

The text in the landing page’s header can be changed and customized as you like. You can add any information you need there.


Affiliate programs

Here you choose the GEO where you want to work, and several affiliate programs available to SD affiliates in your personal account. You can choose how they will be displayed on the showcase; the constructor provides 8 themes for you. .



The constructor has a F.A.Q section, which also has 8 themes on how they can be displayed on your showcase. Here you can add as many questions and answers as you want and even change the section’s name.


You can also set up a pop-up on your landing page.



And, of course, the footer, which also has different themes, and in which you can change the text, if necessary.

Last steps

You are almost to finish! We save the landing page, which automatically appears in your storefront manager.


So, just 10 minutes, and you already have an effective tool for monetizing your traffic. And yet, you will not need to hire a bunch of people and pay them money to develop a landing page.

Everything is ready to go! You can go to the constructor and start creating 🙂 Build your new showcase to launch any GEO and enjoy the benefits of cooperation with SD. And remember, a spectacular showcase is another advantage in traffic monetization.

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