Peculiarities Of SD Top Affiliate In Quarantine

Published: 24.03.2020
Updated: 08.03.2023

Today we would like to discuss an important and stirring topic for all of us – Peculiarities of SD Top Affiliate during quarantine time. How and in what way it changed, what to expect and how to act. All of these questions were covered by one of the top affiliates of SalesDoubler that we know for a long time and trust. 

How Does An Affiliate Work At SalesDoubler?

  • Hi! How should we introduce you to our readers? Tell us a few words about yourself.

I’m an affiliate, the main traffic is directed to PDL of Ukraine, I’ve been with SalesDoubler for 2.5 already, in fact, it was SD that I started working with in the sphere of arbitration. I’m not working solo, instead we have a small team. The point was that each of our lads was doing what they could do best – target, context, websites, you name it.

  • So it turned out that you became part of both web and SD, right? Describe your daily routine. Do you get up early or late? Your working hours? Any hobby?

Yes, it just so happened that I rose pretty high within one partners project. It usually starts at 8 in the morning with some article being checked. If you know what I mean. Later from 9 working day begins, we meet up with the team, check out the result of the previous period and discuss the plans for the day or next day. Summarizing and planning – are important skills many people lack. This is an important part even when I worked solo. As for hobbies – I’d mention healthy rest, mountains and archery.

  • So how did you end up in arbitration? Did you understand how and where you go since the very beginning?

I used to work as a freelancer with context advertisement, later somewhere on the internet I discovered something about CPA and about partnership marketing in financial niche. I started googling, got interested and later I happened to try arbitration. I did pretty well, I think.

  • I saw the target and just aimed to it. Why did you get interested in finances? Are you working with others?

Finances are interesting because of rapid development.  It’s more profitable than whitehat and easier than others when it comes to moderation of Facebook and Google, you can work with E-mail and SMS with no problem. When working with PDL you can upgrade your skills in arbitration and plan for longer than a month. And it’s more stable than gambling. There are others spheres but they can work only as an additional monetization.

  • Just how monotonous is your job? Do you face many new challenges?

Our team management is tuned all right, of course there routine things to do like advertisement campaigns, launching new websites – those are standard objectives (on the flow), but sometimes you face new objectives like searching for new links, strategies, mailing etc.

Peculiarities Of SD Top Affiliate. CPA Quarantine

Peculiarities Of SD Top Affiliate
  • Quarantine time was not too kind to finance niche – affiliate programs limit, rate cut, did you feel the impact of CPA-quarantine yourself? What are the differences in figures?

Of course, the quarantine has taken its toll on our job, the affiliate programs are being turned off and one should always check whether the window spaces went obsolete. At once we started monitoring every post and message in order to be able to transfer traffic and not to lose budget. I’m also surprised when I hear that many Affiliates, even experienced ones and with good traffic, use different traffic with the same landing pages. Don’t do that!

Remember, different sources of traffic should have different landing pages, with their own funnels and further retention. Then you will have growth or at least not a sudden plunge as now. As for me, the decrease is about -30% during the first week. This week is expected to be the same.

  • I take it that work processes also had some changes, didn’t they?

 Certainly! Now the main thing is to search for alternative affiliate programs, monitoring and our window spaces updates. All other processes remained the same.

  • As for the traffic channels, which ones do you use?

Context, target E-mail and SMS. Different sources not always use the same landing pages. I always use different sources per one landing page, because there are different funnels and CTA, and during quarantine time it’s just a waste of budget. The thing that joins us together is leads collection and further retention. This is the first thing I consider when launching a new website.

Peculiarities Of SD Top Affiliate. Advices

  • Can you share your tricks? What is that you use now (during quarantine time) and what can you suggest to other fellows?

Do the constant monitoring of affiliate programs, not less than twice an hour. The faster you react on disconnection the faster you redirect traffic to working affiliate program.

Search for alternatives for your site reach (alternative niches under monetization). Now the cost of a lead decreased greatly, so you can expend your database for post-quarantine time. It’s about collecting, not monetization.

Retention at any time of the year is a must-have. Different landing pages should also match different sources. At the moment there is a high competition on the market. And if you don’t do retention, pay 30 UAH and just let it go then you won’t be able to grow in this niche. You expend your database – you can monetize them later.

  • How do you think, the terms of advertisers will be like this for long?

Well, during the official quarantine for sure. As for the next two month – we shall see in April. When everything gets back, all the affiliate programs coming from PDL should grow in number as many borrowers will run out of supply, therefore they will need to address PDL and they are worrying about their money no less. That is why those Affiliates in possession of database shall win anyway.

  • Thank you; can you conclude this discussion? Calm our readers or make them nervous?

Don’t panic, it isn’t the time yet. Now we can see the quarantine impact on Affiliates work and the point is not size but results of the previous two weeks that need to be maintained. Now it’s about time we cut costs, increase profitability (due to reducing of expenses), at the same time you can pay attention to your flaws and use this time to deal with them. We do that and we shall find ourselves even stronger upon the quarantine end so we can reach the new level.

  • I suggest we finish on this one, don’t you agree?

Yes, it’s about time I check landing pages for updates, see you soon and send regards to all of SD!

We hope you were able to learn something new. And we were able to answer important questions that are of great concern to webmasters today. We know that “Big goals are achievable!”. And even quarantine will not be able to convince us otherwise! Register and pour traffic wsth us!

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