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Published: 10.07.2020
Updated: 27.02.2023

In 2020, on the occasion of the merger of SD and FL, the end of the first stage of the game as well as just summer and wonderful weather, we held the SalesDoubler Galaxy Party, where we managed to discuss the merger and raffle 100,000 UAH. (and many other prizes), relax, swim in the pool, eat plov and share plans for the future with each other.

And now we want to share with you how it was!

Of course, our leader and SD&FL CEO, Vladimir Sakharov, opened the Galaxy Party.

galaxy party

Vladimir: SD and Finline teamed up! We started talking about the merger last summer, but when the quarantine came, we took a break, looked at the development of events, adapted plans and…. ran even faster.

Although the coronavirus has made drastic adjustments to the plans of all of us, but in almost 8 years of SD and Finline’s work, this is not the first crisis and turbulence that we are going through, we already know how to adapt and not deviate from the “Great Goals” set.

We teamed up and invested in an arbitration team! I think this is a landmark deal for the market precisely because we created the first precedent, showed that even competitors can find a common language, trust each other and unite to achieve common “Great Goals”.

Our contribution to this partnership consists of such key aspects as:

  1. Service and reliability.
  2. Product and technology.
  3. Community, expertise and training.
  4. Strategic partnerships.

Friends, the virus has affected all of us, but we see how the market is recovering, and we hope that without new shocks we will return to the January-February figures in September-October, and at the end of the year we will set new records together.

The main event was the awarding of the winners of the 1st round of the game.

 awarding the winners of the 1st round of the game



So, meet our winners:

1st place and 100 000 UAH won by webmaster 3942 627.

2nd place and 4.5 liters of Jameson Irish Whiskey was won by webmaster 4112.

3rd place A ticket for a free annual visit to events was won by the webmaster 3726 3862.

We sincerely congratulate the winners and remind you that the Game is not over, but is only gaining momentum, and we have expanded the prize fund to UAH 4,000,000!!!

Turn on, and forward to conquer the fin-galaxy!

And of course, we couldn’t help but ask our guests about how they work and relax not only at the party, but also during this difficult period of 2020!



Tell us about your area of ​​work.

We have several sites (the largest of them is, where we first attracted traffic using SEO, and then we began to engage in arbitrage. There are three of us who are directly involved in the MFI niche and monetization. The site also employs journalists and a content editor.

How long have you been with SalesDoubler or Finline, what do you like about them?

Our team has been involved in arbitration since 2017. We just made an article on the site, and it went to the TOP for certain key queries. The traffic started, we thought about how to monetize it. At that time, there were only two affiliate programs on the market: one was SalesDoubler, I don’t remember the name of the second. We started to put links from one and from the second. From the second affiliate, there was no response at all from those support, and SalesDoubler reacted quickly, plus they gave us more information on this niche so that we could somehow scale. Two or three months later, when we had already become visible in SalesDoubler as a webmaster, Vladimir Sakharov got in touch with us and offered to get to know each other better, so we began to work with him.

What was your impression of the party, what did you like, is this your first party with SalesDoubler?

No, this is not our first party. And I really like this format. After all, such events contribute to closer communication with those with whom you already know. Here you are not tied to a place, as at a conference, you can calmly approach a person and chat. It disposes.




Tell us about your area of ​​work.

Arbitrage for me is a hobby, an additional income. I started about seven years ago, and when a certain resource base appeared that needs to be poured in somewhere, somehow turned around, and, first of all, enjoy it. I do not treat money as an end, as a means of life, and for me it is just like a game. There are people who collect some things, stamps, coins, and I collect leads. I play a lot of various online games, and the balance there for me is almost the same as the balance in the affiliate program.

How long have you been with SalesDoubler or Finline, what do you like about them?

I met Finline through your merger. I have been with SalesDoubler for quite a long time, in my opinion, I have been registered since 2014, I have been actively working since 2017. Technical support is at the level here. This is probably the most important thing. Vitaliy does a great job, special thanks to him. Payouts are quite fast, there are very bright interesting affiliate programs that give almost everything for work – a banner, landing pages and also give bonuses and promotions for some affiliate programs, etc.

What can you wish to novice webmasters?

I just want to do. I, as a person quite interested in self-education, in self-development, at one time passed just a lot of all sorts of both paid and free courses. And now I constantly try to follow the fashion trends in this business. The only subtle thought that is contained in all these courses is just to do, go to the goal and never give up. Sooner or later everyone will find their profit. If you made one landing, and, for example, it didn’t work for you, poured traffic into some affiliate program, and it went into the red, this is not the end, this is just part of the game, this is learning in the process. If one affiliate program does not give a profit, it will give a second, fifth, and you need to constantly split it all up. Like any entrepreneur, I never put everything in one basket, I do not invest all my money in one business. But really, the best landing page, the best site for any job, is the one you made, the one you finished and the traffic went to it. Or search or purchase, if you have completed it, then you have become one step higher than people who have just started doing it. You are no longer a beginner, you already have some statistics, you already have some data that you can work with and you should never be afraid of losing money. This is also an experience and, I think, the most useful: if you lose money, then sooner or later you will earn something.

What is your impression of the party, what did you like, is this your first party with SalesDoubler?

I’m for the first time. Why am I here? Firstly, I wanted to look at those people who are engaged in this, get to know them better, learn some new, fresh information. Because you need to invest in your training a maximum of resources, at least 30% of all. Secondly, I am very pleased to be here, to communicate with everyone. And the drawings that you are holding are a very serious impetus for everyone: both for existing and new webmasters, partners who may not even have this information. But, as soon as they find out that 4 million hryvnias are being played, they will simply start biting their elbows and thinking: “Why didn’t I do this before and how does it work? Is that kind of money going around here?” In fact, everything is simple, even simpler than in a casino. After all, here, first of all, the partner wins more often, because, sooner or later, everyone will find their profit. And in fact, everything is much simpler than it seems. Don’t believe? Have you tried it?..




Tell us about your area of ​​work.

I started to like arbitration back in 2016-2017. At that time, I gained skills by working for hire in one of the companies in the financial sector. We managed to get a lot of experience, we began to understand that attracting affiliate programs is very profitable. Over time, I smoothly moved from an advertiser to a webmaster.

How long have you been with SalesDoubler or Finline, what do you like about them?

I am registered in many affiliate programs, but I chose whom to work with more because of such events as today’s. I’ve probably been with Finline since 2019. At that time, he attracted me by the fact that they themselves did a lot of work with my leads, I worked on the API from the very beginning, and they devoted a lot of resources to making the lead a conversion — cross-sails, calls, calls , sms. I like it because Finline cares about the webmaster’s income and uses its resources to increase it.

What is your impression of the party, what did you like, is this your first party with SalesDoubler?

I know that such events are held more than once a year, but I did not attend them, because I am from another city. And during quarantine, I was tired of sitting at home, I had to escape somewhere, plus I had to look for new connections, continue to communicate with people, develop. Quarantine is squeezing us, but we must break out of the grip and run on. That’s why I’m here. I liked the organization, the location is pleasant, the weather made me happy that it is not very hot, I liked the fact that there are not a whole bunch of people stuffed, there are no advertisers, there are only webmasters. The joke is that someone may think that competitors have gathered here, but I, for example, see here the possibility of uniting with someone. I have specific traffic, people have their own traffic that stops, starts to work less, we can communicate, get to know each other, integrate together on some partnership agreements already between us and increase our conversions. This is exactly why I came.


Alexander and Tatyana, brokers in the field of lending, stock market:


Tell us about your area of ​​work.

We work mostly offline. We heat through banks, so we meet with clients in the office and offer lending services at 0%. Here is the algorithm of our work.

How long have you been with SalesDoubler or Finline, what do you like about them?

We have been with SalesDoubler and Finline for about three years. They are interesting to us with payments on referrals, they pay very honestly.



What is your impression of the party, what did you like, is this your first party with SalesDoubler?

I went for communication, for the atmosphere of constant ideas, new directions. I found out what I was interested in and asked the guys for advice, showed my projects, asked how to improve them, how to make money, asked how other guys do monetization. My last few years have been all about remote work. And I really really miss those events. Even just to sit and chat with like-minded people is already a thrill.

Galaxy Party

Ooh, that was cool! And yes, our goal is to expand not only in business, but also in such cool informal events! So next time we are waiting for you to join us for a light!)

We were able to convey only a small fraction of emotions, thoughts and impressions. But it is better to see and plunge into this atmosphere once than to hear it a hundred times. Therefore, follow our announcements and don’t miss the next event.


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