50+ resources and events for affiliates: where to read, watch and listen about traffic arbitration

Published: 15.09.2021
Updated: 27.02.2023

Traffic arbitration has been actively applied in the digital marketing for many years, and so it is not a surprise that even a specialist that is a beginner can earn $200 and more per month, and monthly income of experienced arbitrator reaches the sum with four zeroes.

Start to this direction was given by virus sites of  BuzzFeed  and  ViralNova that still use it as the principle model of getting of income. Later ViralNova was sold for $100 000, what confirms profitability for one more time. As any other business, traffic arbitration requires competent approach at the beginning, and further regular update of knowledge: interfaces of advertising cabinets are under constant optimization,
there appear new advertising spaces and even new social networks.

We made selection of resources with a great number of valuable materials in traffic arbitration and digital marketing in whole.

CPA-networks blogs

CPA-networks are interested in success of affiliates, that is why many people offer free study or launch blogs with guides, pieces of advice and reviews of the market.

We will review the most interesting ones of them.

SalesDoubler network blogs


Why you should read it

SalesDoubler — is one of the biggest players in the sphere of CPA-marketing. This partner network has worked with fintech and FMOG verticals since 2012.

For the whole period of its existence the team of SalesDoubler has got great practical experience in traffic monetization, and that is why company specialists have many things to share.

Key and very valuable peculiarity of their blog is the fact that the main stress is given to “evergreen” content– that is the information that will be up-to-date during a long period of time.

SD published much information about using of SEO, e-mail marketing, social networks and other tools of promotion. At the same time sufficient interest was given to analytics, without which it is not possible to assess correctly effectiveness of campaign and profitability.

Separate attention is deserved by cases in a blog and materials in optimization of conversion rate – they can bring traffic with large ROI.

General impression

Materials from SalesDoubler team give a reader the impression of “presence” in the field. Here there is active share of cases, reports about events, at the same time there are publications of interviews of practicing specialists, in this way the company makes it possible to become engrossed in the internal cuisine of the arbitration in the literal sense for specialist of any level.

Admitad blog

amitad en

Why you should read it

Admitad CPA-network works with affiliate programs of several verticals:

  • FMCG;
  • tourism;
  • online games;
  • e-commerce;
  • finances;
  • internet services and etc.

Affiliates are especially interested in “Tools” column, in which there is collected the information about useful services inside Admitad, as well as about working-outs of other companies for arbitration and internet marketing.

In “Ways to bring the traffic” column there is a good description of how to earn money from affiliate programs in niches of goods, finances, services and other key verticals.

To increase your income it is also necessary for you to grow as personality: to know how to manage your time, to develop emotional intellect and to solve hundreds of urgent questions. You can read about all these things in “Self-development” column.

General impression

Admitad blog is one of the biggest, most interesting and diversified resources in traffic arbitration. It should be read by everyone, who is somehow connected with lead generation and arbitration.


50+ resources and events for affiliates: where to read, watch and listen about traffic arbitration

Why you should read it

PPC model (pay per call — payment for call) for many affiliates keeps being not clear, notwithstanding the fact that in 2016 the amount of this market has been already estimated at billions. If it sounds attractive for you and if it arouses your ardent desire to try your hand in work with the bourges, you should pay your attention at Marketcall and the blog of this CPA-network.

The list of verticals is not typical here:

  • insurance;
  • finances;
  • home services;
  • immovable property;
  • travelling.

The content in this blog is in the English language – it is a good reason for you to improve your level of the language.

General impression

Marketcall blog is really a useful resource for those ones, who want to bring the traffic for affiliate programs in the bourges.

Portals for arbitration

The following category of spaces in our selection is portals about traffic arbitration. The topic of partner CPA-programmes is basic on these resources, however, it is not the only one, what is useful for broadening of outlook in the internet marketing.


Why you should read it

Partnerkin — is more than just a portal about arbitration and internet-marketing. The amount of interesting and useful content on the site is just great:

  1. The catalogue of partner programme. For convenient search the list of hundreds of programmes is divided into columns. You can find everything here: crypt, mobile CPA, finances, video, betting and etc. There is collected the general information: name, rating, comments, minimal payments and links to the site.
  2. Affiliate programs. Similar catalogue of affiliate programs. Here selection is larger. In respect to each affiliate program there is stated the rate, partner programme and geography.
  3. Articles. The content is organized in a very simple way, there are only three columns: cases, interviews and study.
  4. Blogs. There are blogs of most leading partner networks, direct advertisers, companies and arbitrators on the resource. Convenient rating makes it possible to find the most interesting things and subscribe for separate blogs.
  5. Services. There is one more thing that is worth visiting – it is a catalogue of services for marketing specialist and arbitrator. And, of course, for most tools Partnerkin offers promotional codes.
  6. Creative exchange. Creating of advertisements is a weak place of many teams and arbitrators. If it is about you, you should visit the creative exchange of Partnerkin. There is information about services, prices, samples of works, comments and contacts on a page of each performer.

There is “The best posts for a year” column, in which there are collected articles with the largest amount of views from the whole blog.

By the way, you can start a user blog and even place materials that are useful and interesting for readers on Partnerkin. It will be free of charge.

At the same time, holding of corporate blogs requires payment.

General impression

Partnerkin is one of the biggest international resources in the sphere of arbitration and making of money in the Internet with the great amount of useful information.

Where is the traffic?

Why you should read it

The first thing that you should pay your attention at is a catalogue of affiliate programmes. Here there are presented direct advertisers and CPA-networks in the niches:

  • finances;
  • crypt;
  • gambling;
  • betting;
  • dating and etc.

These columns are especially interesting on the portal:

  1. Reviews. There are collected detailed manuals in usage of tools for arbitrators in this column. Significant part of publications is dedicated to advertising networks of different formats.
  2. Experiments. Articles of arbitrators about not standard solutions and their results.
  3. Analytics. Here there are placed detailed analyses of trends of arbitration and internet marketing, recommendations for work with different channels of getting of traffic and great amount of other useful information.

General impression

Here there is cool content that is meant mainly for experiences arbitrators.

Telegram-channel about arbitration

Many large CPA-networks, partner programmes and just experiences arbitrators have their own Telegram-channels. There are many of them and there is a risk to go under the flow of information.

That is why it is better not just to subscribe but to put into order all resources by means of folder functions.

It is possible to divide channels according to topics and verticals, frequency of update or in any way that is convenient for a reader.

It is recommended to look closely at this TG-channels:

  1. Cyber Cobra traffic arbitration. It is a big and very active channel. Here you can find video manuals in respect to settlement of different technical problems, information for those ones, who works in verticals of gambling, finances and etc. There are also many detailed materials in launching of traffic with context advertisements, farming of accounts. The coverage of each publication is more than 2000 persons.
  2. Context advertisements | Google Ads | Direct | CPA. Telegram-channel of the school of context advertisements of Tetiana Mykhalchenko. Here there are many expert materials in settings and holding of context advertisements, analytics and optimization of conversions that are useful for marketing specialists and arbitrators. The coverage of one publication is about 5000 persons.
  3. Satisfied arbitrator. Telegram-channel of Traff.ink advertising network that has an interesting blog. There are published mostly announcements of materials from the blog on this channel. There is a channel chat, where you can put questions that relate to the work of the network, settlement of practical tasks. It will be interesting and useful independently of the fact, in which vertical you work. The average coverage of one publication is 6000 persons.
  4. ProTraffic.com Channel of TrafficStars advertising network that works with adult traffic. There are published reviews of affiliate programs under different geo, bonuses and other information on the channel. One more interesting column is collection of vacancies in campaigns and arbitration teams. You will like cases and recommendations in respect to organization of work. The coverage of one publication is 2000 persons.
  5. Kremov Online — traffic arbitration. Relevant channel for those ones, who work with the niches of betting and gambling. Here there are published reviews of affiliate programs, cases and bonuses. Readers can develop their skills of arbitration and get many useful tools. Authors share life hacks in work with traffic and adjustment of advertising cabinet according to necessities of an arbitrator. Posts cover 3500-4000 persons.
  6. Dating | Gambling | Nutra traffic arbitrator. According to its format the channel is similar to the previous one. Main topics are: dating, nutra and gambling. You should read it for the purpose of study materials, connection for work and other useful things. The channel has its own chat and, of course, it has the possibility to place advertisements.
  7. Nervous arbitrator. It is a big and active chat of arbitrators, where you can put questions almost in respect to any vertical. Here there is its own shop of consumables for arbitration. There are more than 30 thousand active members, who are always ready to answer questions and to offer cooperation, in the chat.
  8. Arbitration random chat (flood). CPA, Facebook, traffic arbitration! I am within easy reach! At the moment of writing of the article the chat is under update, its number of visitors reduced, however, administrators make their best to make the resource interesting and useful again. We recommend you to subscribe for it.
  9. AdWords Arbitration. Here you can find information about the way you can use PPC during your work with different verticals.
  10. CPC Real Talk — Context advertisements ✅AdWords✅Direct✅ Facebook. It is not big, however, very active and maximally useful chat. Here there are many experienced arbitrators, who bring traffic in context advertisements. You can subscribe, put your questions and get useful information.
  11. EasyConf ONLINE. If you want to bring traffic to goods with profit, you should obligatory subscribe for a chat of a community of arbitrators with experience in this niche. 
  12. SEMPRO Conference&Club. It is a chat of conferences in SEO, affiliate and arbitration. It is an excellent space with very active audience for exchange of experience and networking. There is moderation here, as well as on other resources from the collection.

YouTube-channels about arbitration and marketing

YouTube arbitration and marketing for an arbitrator – it is one more source of traffic and valuable information. In our collection of resources there are several channels that are worth subscribing and regular watching for you to be well informed.

For example, SalesDoubler created quite a playlist with basic information about CPA-marketing that will be useful for beginners. We will review, which YouTube channels will be useful for arbitrators:

  1. SalesDoubler. Besides blogs with articles, SD regularly organizes webinars for affiliates, choosing topics according to the same principle as for a blog – with stress on “evergreen” content. The channel will be interesting for specialists of any level, as there are placed materials for beginners (as it is mentioned in the example above), as well as for real professionals on it.
  2. Cybermarketing training centre. It is a big popular channel about everything that relates to internet marketing, digital, PR, SEO, advertising and arbitration. One of the biggest columns is devoted to CPA. Top speakers – experts from the whole CIS are regularly invited to the channel.
  3. G spot – how people make money in IT. It is one of the biggest Russian language channels about IT, marketing, arbitration and earning of money in the Internet. There are many interviews of successful startupers, entrepreneurs, arbitrators. There are other topics: management, investments, cyber-sport, e-commerce, mobile applications and etc.
  4. academy cpa. You will find answers to most questions starting with basic ones (how to chose an affiliate program and etc.) on this channel that is designed for beginners and experienced professionals. We especially recommend a video for work with main tools of an arbitrator.
  5. Traffic arbitration. It is a real encyclopaedia of arbitration with accurate and clear answers to main questions that relate to startup. There are no many videos on the channel, however, they are worth your attention.
  6. Traffic arbitration for everyone. It is one more channel with the title that speaks for itself and with really useful videos. Here there are many life hacks in arbitration in social networks, its peculiarities in different geo, namely in Europe but not only there. Trainings in arbitration and analysis of real cases are especially interesting.
  7. Epic Growth. It is a channel for professionals. Here there are discussed projects with multimillion turnovers, global tendencies of marketing and arbitration. If you are not a beginner already, you should obligatory subscribe for this channel. New content is regularly presented here. Epic Growth team presents podcasts and holds conferences. You can find all these things on the channel.
  8. Lead generation academy. It is a channel that is useful for marketing specialists and arbitrators about advertisements, specialized sites and everything that is connected with leads. There are reviews of advertising tools and platforms for promotion. Here there are also
    published stories about graduators of the academy, their cases and results. Videos in optimization of site conversions, sessions of questions-answers with experienced arbitrators are especially interesting.

Conferences in arbitration and not only for them

Success is not possible without exchange with experience and networking, and conferences promote it. Which online and offline events should be visited?

  1. Sempro is a regular and very popular conference in SEO and affiliate marketing that takes place in Kyiv. Here there are always visitors and speakers from several large CPA networks and partner programmes.
  2. 8P – is one of the biggest conferences in internet marketing that take place in Ukraine. It is organized by Netpeak IT-holding. Here there are always top speakers, great amount of useful content, networking.
  3. NaZapad – if you are interested in promotion of sites for bourges, you should visit this event. In 2021 it was the 18-th time for NaZapad conference to took place.
  4. Dmexco 2021 – is a conference in SEO, CPA and SMM. It takes place in Cologne.
  5. GuruConf 2021 – the collection will not be full without this event. Here it will be interesting for everyone that is connected with the sphere of digital marketing. Much attention is given to CPA as well, therefore, we recommend you to visit this event.

Sites in marketing, IT and business

We decided to add to the collection several portals and blogs of broader themes that will be useful for digital marketing specialists, as well as for arbitrators. We will look into what kind these resources are, and how each of them can be useful.

Netpeak Journal 

Why you should read it

It is a top blog for the topics:

The blog has very strict moderation. Articles go through pre-moderation and “sandbox”. Only if an article gets more than 2000 views, 20 likes or 20 comments, it can be placed on the main page of one of the columns. You should agree that selecting-out according to quality is very strict, and at the same time Netpeak has a big queue for publication. Articles get thousands and sometimes even tens of thousands of views per year.

The platform is worth your attention also because of the fact that it publishes materials for beginners. You will get the knowledge of how to enter the sphere of arbitration, to work with certain regions and etc.

General impressions 

This blog is worth reading for sure. Here there are more useful things not in arbitration, but in related topics: SEO, SMM, PPC and analytics.


Why you should read it

It is a blog of a leading platform in development and training of internet marketing specialists with a very strong team of authors and editors.
Main topics are:

  • SMM in Facebook, Instagram, TikTok;
  • SEO;
  • content marketing;
  • adjustment and holding of advertising campaigns of
  • PPC;
  • advertising of goods and etc.

Knowledge in all these spheres will be useful for an arbitrator.

General impression

Here there are many useful materials, however, you have a risk to be lost in the great amount of practical information, cases and pieces of useful advice. It is a good idea for you to decide on columns that are with the highest priority for you from the very beginning.


Why you should read it

DOU – is the biggest Ukrainian resource in IT topic with news of the sphere, interesting interviews and vacancies. There is possibility to put your questions about freelance, career and other related topics on the forum.

General impression

It is not the most important resource for an arbitrator, however, it will be useful for specialists with a big range of interests that are connected with the digital sphere.


ain en

Why you should read it

AIN.ua — is a big portal of news on the topics of IT, business, entrepreneurship and startups. Here there is published news about development of business in Ukraine and the world, many people will be interested in materials about market places of Amazon, Etsy and work with them.

If, besides arbitration, you are interested in startups, you can find many things to read on ain.ua. We especially recommend “Reviews and instructions” column. There are published life hacks that relate to Instagram, Facebook and other social networks.

General impressions

The content on the site is of very high quality. Notwithstanding the fact that the topic of arbitration is presented not in the very broad way, it should be read. Editors of the portal launch and hold special projects that will give some pleasure for us with non-standard interesting materials for many times.


Why you should read it

It is one of the most interesting resources on the topic of business, high technologies and digital marketing. Here there are published materials by:

  • top agencies of internet marketing;
  • teams of the most popular services (GetResponse,
    Serpstat, Trud.com);
  • CEO and leading specialists of big companies from the
    whole CIS (Netpeak, Webpromo, OkayCMS, and

Each author, each team has many things to say and to share. They write about different things: from events and new products to complex cases in launching of business, work with influencers and etc.

We also recommend “Thoughts” column. Here there are collected views on practical tasks of marketing and business. There are many publications that relate to the topic of SMM, and it must be read for arbitrators.

We will separately tell you about calendar with announcements of online and offiline events for marketing specialists, enterprises, arbitrators and everyone that is connected with the digital sphere.

General impressions

There is severe editing policy and strong team of authors on the site. Only high quality materials come here. We should separately mention a wide variety of topics. For example, there are many interesting materials about finances, education and psychology in “Society” column.

New spaces and conferences appear regularly. We will continue monitoring the most interesting things in the world of CPA marketing for us to share them with our readers.

For years of work with arbitration we have made sure that information in free access provides significant help for affiliates to develop faster in the niche and to increase their income.

You should subscribe for our accounts in Facebook and Інстаграм, for you not to miss our webinars, articles and news:)

We make announcements of all our events in TG channel!

If you want to enter the niche of CPA marketing faster and to start earning from partner programme – you should register on SalesDoubler site! We have many useful information for affiliates, great variety of affiliate programs and tools for bringing of traffic and information support.

If the information was interesting and useful for you, you can share it in social networks:)

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