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Published: 16.02.2023
Updated: 17.02.2023

Marketing is about creativity, about something new, and sometimes about the forgotten old, but always about imagination. We must follow the trends in the world. Do not forget that people, first of all, pay attention to the picture and only then to the text. So what picture does the buyer want to see this year? The visual trend cannot be the only one because we are all different, and there are hundreds of opinions, but we have selected the most desirable directions for creatives.

Visual trend №1  – ephemeral world

We were all so tense for the last year that while watching movies or commercials, we seem to be plunging into some new world and distracted from reality. We always want to see some minor miracle in advertising, some magic of cinematography or graphic design. This is more suitable for perfumes, cosmetics, and psychological course ads. 

The visual trend is the ephemeral world

Visual trend №2 – minimalism

Minimalism is a classic. It’s always in fashion and always aesthetically beautiful. But it’s more suitable for the “serious” buyer. It will appeal to “white and blue collars” If this is your target audience, then this visual trend for your advertising campaign.

Visual trend  minimalism

Visual trend №3 – 3D graphic

We will all move into the virtual world soon. In Japan, for example, some people have not left their house for five years. The boundaries between the real and virtual worlds are blurred because everything can be found on Google. You can communicate in chat and find out about friends from social networks.

Recently it was new, but now whole metaverses have appeared, where people create their 3D avatars, and this trend is going to get more popular. This is just a must-have if your product is in the digital industry.

Visual trend 3D graphic

Visual trend№4 – happiness

Joy is what the buyer lacks so much today. Many will say: “Inopportunely because there is war and cataclysms around”. But that is why humor and brightness can distract future leaders from everyday life. And that’s what we’re all looking for in advertising. How to encourage a customer to buy your product if it is not impressive? But here, you must be careful not to overdo it with “fun”. We suggest using this visual trend in the entertainment industry: games, applications, lottery cinemas, etc.

Visual trend№5 – anime

Incredible and fictional characters are more suited to a younger audience because it’s still a cartoon. Naturally, you should not advertise classic clothes using this creative, but if you are promoting a “youth” product, then this trend is quite suitable for you. Giants like Adidas and Acura have been using anime characters in their ads for a long time. 

Visual trend - anime

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Article author: Maryana Pilatova, SalesDoubler content-manager

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