Online webinar from SD for Ukrainian affiliates

Published: 31.05.2022
Updated: 12.06.2022

Life has been very unpredictable lately, and we all learn to react quickly and adapt to new circumstances. SalesDoubler has already survived more than one crisis, so we have the necessary skills to help us gather all the strength, knowledge and experience and keep moving forward.

We try to provide our affiliates with any possible help and tools to stay in our favorite area, bring the traffic, and earn.

On May 24, Ilya Elizbarashvili – Head Of SmartMoney, held an incredibly useful webinar PDL International – new opportunities for Ukrainian affiliates.
If you missed the broadcast, we invite you to watch the recording video.

What interesting things can you find out from this webinar?

Ilya talked about life hacks and how to switch from Ukrainian MFIs to International, experiments with Facebook and Google Ads, about the work of his team, and their failures and victories. It is an invaluable experience that will help you not waste time on mistakes and immediately move on to decisive action.

The webinar information is practical:

  • real problems
  • specific solutions
  • real examples and cases

We can say that this webinar is a source of inspiration and a lot of new ideas.

The big advantage is that you can immediately put all the information you learn into practice.

Summary of the webinar:

  • What GEOs are currently relevant
  • What you need to start in arbitration on the International
  • What tools will be needed for the job
  • How to drive financial traffic from Google Ads
  • How to drive financial traffic from Facebook
  • What chips work on International
  • How can you monetize financial traffic

You will also find the speaker’s presentation at the link to the webinar.

Did you like the webinar? Do you find this information useful? Then share the link to the video on your social networks. We will be very grateful 🙂

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