Mistakes that prevent you from reaching a high profit

Published: 13.09.2022
Updated: 27.02.2023

We all love to read about success stories, but we rarely think that behind each story there is a whole chain of failures. Making mistakes is okay. Even the most experienced affiliate once stepped on one or another rake. But because of his mistakes he became experienced and successful. So let’s talk about some mistakes. 

Repetition is the mother of learning.

Almost every beginner tries to read some success story and repeat it. Each affiliate program is unique and you can’t just copy the solution and get massive profits. Each advertising campaign should be approached individually, focusing on the target audience, GEO and the nuances of the product or service being sold.

Creatives must be creative

Some affiliates go to spy-services, and take ready-made creatives. Yes, so you are sure that Facebook, Instagram or Google will not ban the content, but you must understand that it depends on the creative whether a person clicks on your link or not. And your earnings directly depend on it. Your picture and text should hook a person in a second and make him click on the button. It is important to show a person you understand, sympathise with him and know how to help.

I like it – everyone will like it

It’s a big mistake to make a creative focusing on your personal preferences but not on the target audience’s interests. Your creative should not hook you but those  you  sell the product. You must study the buyer and understand how to get through to him.

Disregard Facebook rules 

We strongly recommend you read and remember all the rules of working in a particular social network. The most common mistakes:

  • You registered and immediately created a BM. This is a clear sign for Facebook that you are not an ordinary user, and trust will fall. You must warm up your account for at least 2-3 weeks, and only then create BM and move on to creating advertising. Or use ready-made accounts that you can buy or rent.
  • You used stop words on the landing page (earnings, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, casino, etc.).
  • Loud headlines: “Learn a new profession in 2 days and earn a million per month.” Facebook moderators and the client immediately understand that this is a scam.

One account for all occasions

Google Ads is mainly known because of the bots that work there and check your creatives. They have an advanced neural network, and the intervention of moderators is minimal. The neural network remembers your handwriting and starts banning accounts, so it is important not to do everything as a blueprint and have a large number of accounts. If one or two are banned, then the work has not stopped.

Tests are for wimps

Some affiliates try to save money by not conducting tests. This is a huge mistake. After all, you can not get into the audience the first time. Only through testing, you will be able to determine the most profitable bundle and understand which of your creatives catch the audience. Do not forget to test a traffic sources, texts, teaser and banner images, landing page designs, etc. for at least 2-3 weeks. Then your advertising campaign will be successful.

A – attentiveness

The dumbest mistake is to hurry. Arbitrage is consistent and strategic work. Here it would help if you double-checked the text so that there are no stupid typos or the wrong link is substituted.

Pour traffic unprofitably – is a disaster

Sooner or later, you will pour traffic unprofitably. “Se la vie”. This is normal, so we do not advise you to come to arbitration with the last thousand in your pocket, thinking that tomorrow you will have two or three. You will lose and be disappointed in arbitration, but it is not to blame for anything. This is a great earning opportunity if approached wisely.

Great secret.

It would be best if you did not think of some incredible pool of “chips” that some Guru in Tibet knows. Each affiliate program and each product is unique, and there are no universal solutions. Therefore, strain your imagination and create your own “chips” for each new project.

Naturally, thousands more mistakes will await you on the road to success. It all depends on the features of GEO, target audience, type of affiliate program, vertical and much more. We are ready to help you not to make a lot of mistakes. You can always contact our support.

Remember that “Великі цілі досяжні” is only due to experience, time and perseverance.

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