Meetup for Ukrainian Affiliate Community

Published: 22.08.2022
Updated: 06.09.2022

On July 21, SalesDoubler took part in the Meetup for Ukrainian Affiliate Community event from Affhub. It was the 148th day of the war, but even this could not stop affiliates from live communication. The main goal of the arbitrage charity event was networking between representatives of the affiliate industry. In the very heart of Kyiv, affiliates, team leaders, representatives of affiliate networks, and everyone who works in the field of arbitration gathered at one event place. 

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Three floors of the location were filled with people. Even the organizers were surprised by the number of guests! It felt that everyone missed live conversation and communications in the professional sphere. So, starting with the “welcome drink”, the talks did not stop for a minute!


After the guests discussed the hottest news and topics, there were the speakers. Everyone talked about where they were going and where they wanted to be in the future. And told how they keep companies afloat in conditions of war and total uncertainty.


The representative of SalesDoubler was Oleksandr Boyko. As a speaker, he talked a lot about the difficulties the company faced since February 24th. About what you need to consider when you go to International arbitrage and what mistakes it is better not to repeat.

oleksandr boiko

Ukrainian CPA network SalesDoubler has been working in performance marketing since 2012. But on February 24, the world changed – the war began. It was a surprise to a huge number of businesses. Some have adapted to new realities, and some are still looking for new formats. In any case, this is a difficult and, at times, painful process.

“On February 24, the world changed. The war started, and it came as a surprise to many businesses. Many companies have adapted to new realities, and some are still looking for new formats”

Oleksandr Boyko


The numbers speak for themselves, and everything is divided into “before” and “after”.



But SalesDoubler knows for sure that “Great goals are reachable”, so the whole team mobilized and began to work actively on promotion in International. Each GEO has its specifics and nuances. Ignorance of this can cost you a lot of money, ban and, as a result, the fear of trying new things. A clear understanding of the target audience, the features of a particular GEO, the help of affiliate managers – all this you can have when you are working with SD. 


shri lanka




What is needed to start International arbitration? 

  • Country or TIER selection for launching International traffic
  • Find out the features of the local market
  • Define traffic sources for this region
  • Find out what additional monetization means can be used on the selected GEO
  • Find out which language to use for creatives and landing page creation
  • Translation of landing pages (google translator, professional translation)
  • Preparation of creatives, announcements
  • Choosing the time when to show ads
  • Test campaign launch

Tier 1 – the most attractive GEOs in arbitration, but quite challenging to work with. As a rule, high payouts for offers, but traffic prices can be pretty high.

Tier 2 – countries with lower competition and traffic prices are quite attractive. To launch these GEOs, you will need an average budget.

Tier 3 – countries with a lot of cheap traffic, where the population’s purchasing power is low. The payouts here are the most modest, but you can get a profit thanks to traffic volumes and an inexperienced audience. Localization is required.

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Pieces of Advice for affiliates:

  • to learn how to attract traffic to international offers of different verticals
  • learn the features of the market 
  • analyze search results by advertisers/landing pages
  • consult affiliate manager/support
  • start experimenting with traffic because “beneath a lying stone no water flows” 
More information in the presentation 

And if you have already decided to try your hand at arbitrage, register and drive your traffic with SalesDoubler!

SalesDoubler is in the process of recovery and development! We are moving according to the formed plan and are gaining momentum. We opened an office in Kazakhstan and plan not to stop there. We will open offices in other countries. We hold webinars and round tables with affiliates and advertisers, and we have launched a training course “Affiliate Profession 1.0”, where we provide 21 hours of useful information for novice affiliates.

This course will be helpful for:

  • Digital – marketers
  • РРС and Target 
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to work with traffic

We have made several useful tools for affiliates: constructor of the сomparison site and SD Sender

Every week we have more Ukrainian advertisers in the MFO and e-Commerce segments. Register and become one of them. 


This event showed that, despite the difficult situation, we continue to move forward and reach new heights. It was nice to see dozens of creative and inspired people. SalesDoubler is always ready to help affiliates become professionals in their fields.

We know that “Великі цілі досяжні!” like no one else, and we are ready to prove it to everyone.