Her Majesty, E-commerce

Published: 19.12.2022
Updated: 17.01.2023

Some good news ahead! We have launched a new vertical, and it’s e-commerce!

If you are an experienced affiliate and you know it well, we would suggest you scroll down to the affiliate program list. But if you are a beginner, then read the next couple of paragraphs all about this promising vertical, where one will find a profitable affiliate program for sure.

What is e-commerce?

Е-commerce (Electronic commerce), or e-com, as it is called popularly,  – it is an area of the digital economy that includes all financial and trade transactions carried out through computer networks. If you simplify, everything that can be sold through the Internet is e-commerce. This vertical is interesting because it has infinite potential, a large number of players on the market, a comprehensive GEO list and the opportunity to work with many traffic sources. 

Prospects of e-commerce

Undoubtedly, e-com is the future. Even ten years ago, some consumers had doubts – about buying on the Internet or going to a “physical” store, today most people choose the comfort and speed of shopping online. In the late 2000s, online shopping began to gain incredible popularity in Ukraine. And after Covid, it became clear to everyone that people would shop online massively.

Experts predict that by 2040 almost 95% of purchases will be made through the network, so you must quickly join this powerful and promising vertical.

Some statistics:

Since 2014, online sales worldwide have grown from $1.3 trillion to $5 trillion. The projected number in 2025 will reach over 7 trillion.

e com.1psd

With the development of e-commerce, it’s natural that the number of online shoppers worldwide is growing. In 2021, the number of digital shoppers was 2.14 billion. This is 27.6% of the 7.74 billion people in the world. In other words, every fourth person you see around is an online shopper. 

e com.2psd

It can be seen from the graphs that e-commerce is gradually gaining momentum, which proves that this niche is stable and can bring big profits.


So please don’t waste your time and start to pour some traffic on reasonable affiliate program.

TOP exclusive e-commerce affiliate program:

  • Kasta UA  is a multi-brand online clothing store with dozens of brands for children and adults.
  • Bigl UA is a marketplace where you can find everything you want, from perfume to a frying pan. The site has collected more than 30 thousand sellers from all over Ukraine.
  • Shafa UA is a website where one can sell or buy branded items at a reasonable price. This website was created specifically for people who want to sell their clothes online.
  • Planeta-Lubvi UA – the best products for adults at the best prices. 100% privacy. There are over 5000 branded products.
  • Balka-book UA is an online bookstore where you can buy any book you like.
  • Pike UAthis is not just an online store but a paradise for fishing lovers. Everything that lovers of sitting with a fishing rod can wish for can be found here.
  • Parfumcity UA is a multi-brand online store of cosmetics and perfumes with a wide range of products.
  • Miris.Store UA  is an online perfume store where you can find any fragrance for any mood.


Advertisers who are in another CPA but are very interesting:

  • Agromarket UA is an online seed store Agro-Market – a website where you can find almost all products for your garden
  • Flagman UA is an online store for avid fishermen. The official representative in Ukraine of such well-known brands as Azura, Preston, Milo, and Korda.
  • Knigoland UA is an online store offering books, textbooks, CDs, educational games for children and much more for development.
  • Allmart UA is a trading platform that brings together thousands of buyers and sellers from all over Ukraine. This is a convenisell or buy equipment with a few clicks quickly.
  • Hillary UA is an online store of natural cosmetics. Wide selection and high-quality products.
  • Touch UA is an online hardware store with dozens of world-famous electronics brands.
  • Gepur UA is a Ukrainian brand of women’s clothing and accessories. The difference from competitors is a variety of models and a wide range of sizes for owners of any figure.


Pour on e-commerce affiliate program and remember that “Великі цілі досяжні!”