Artificial intelligence helps affiliates

Published: 09.02.2023

Today artificial intelligence is the future. Every year it becomes more intelligent and can perform more and more tasks. So we have decided to dive into it! 

First, let’s figure out what artificial intelligence is, or, for short, AI.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of artificial intelligence systems to perform creative functions, which are traditionally considered the prerogative of the individual.”


Fantasts began to describe the nature of artificial intelligence in the 20th century, but we must be up to sentiments. We want to see this “miracle of technology” from an affiliate marketing point of view.

How can affiliate managers use artificial intelligence?

Of course, you will say that search engines have used AI for a hundred years because analytics works on algorithms. Of course, we are not talking about queries and analytics but manual work. Now AI learns to draw and write. And it makes progress.

Creating a beautiful landing

Now many resources allow you to come up with a suitable name for your landing page, which is essential for the promotion because the name of your site should match the ads. 

AI in this area is still developing, so many resources are free and available in beta versions for testing. Here are a couple of resources we think you should look into:

  • With Namelix, you can create a short corporate name using artificial intelligence.
  • Fontjoy. The phrase “play with fonts” causes graphic designers’ right eye to tick, as well as the affiliates’ left one. This site’s artificial intelligence will suggest the best combination of fonts.
artificial intelligence. fonts for landing

Art or machine creativity

There are a lot of discussions about this one. Many people think that AI is taking the “bread” away from designers, but we are talking about mercantile calculation. If it’s cheaper and faster, then why not? Sometimes you need to do 3-4 creatives per day for tests — Brandmark and Looka services, where AI will create a logo and will present several choices. Also, for example, the deepdreamgenerator neural network will help you create an original picture. We tried to make a banner for perfume advertising, and this is what the program gave us:

Artificial intelligence. creative

Naturally, we would finalize this one in photoshop. But even minimal skills will be enough. 

Artificial intelligence or copywriter?

There are more questions with the texts – it’s an entirely new direction. Artificial intelligence is, after all, a machine, not a person, and complex sentences are too complicated for it. Now AI is used more in chatbots. But there is, which creates “selling” advertising texts. You have to correct the text, insert links and add more complex sentences, but it may simplify writing text from scratch. is a paid service, but the free trial is fine for tests.

Another engaging resource that uses artificial intelligence to create texts is Shortlyai. But it is more interesting for journalists or novelists, as it is more suitable for writing short stories or novels. But you can use it for beautiful reviews.

An excellent service,, combines texts, creatives, and analytics. This program is created specifically for online marketing and can help you.

As you can see, AI is developing by leaps and bounds and helps affiliates create graphic and textual content. It may be time to test something new. 

Good luck creating awesome content! Pour some traffic with SalesDoubler and remember that “Великі цілі досяжні” 😉

Article author: Maryana Pilatova, SalesDoubler journalist, writer

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