Traffic arbitrage with SD – everything a beginner needs to know

Published: 28.09.2022
Updated: 27.02.2023

Decided to try your hand at arbitration but don’t know where to begin? No problem! SalesDoubler, a CPA network that has been on the market for 10 years, will come to the rescue.

Let’s start with the fact that traffic arbitrage is, if we simplify, attracting a client for a particular company on the Internet for a percentage. If you go deep, this is a massive set of skills, abilities and knowledge that will help you reach high profit:

  • you must have basic skills in working with a photo and video editor for YouTube and other platforms;
  • you must be an advanced user of absolutely all social networks;
  • you need to understand what is targeted and contextual advertising.

This list can be continued indefinitely because this profession is limitless, and you cannot imagine what might be useful to you at one time or another. But the only thing we can say for sure is that it is unrealistically interesting. Each new affiliate program is a new test with its own rules of the game. Yes, we anticipate your question: “what is an affiliate program?”. Everything is very simple, an affiliate program is an application for advertising. An advertiser places an order on our platform to promote their product, and if it suits you, you get to work. Do not be afraid of new terms, and they will become simple and understandable for you sooner.

It’s better to start with courses that will help you understand arbitrage and traffic. And, when you fall in love with this profession, register as an affiliate on the CPA network website.

Why is it better to work with networks and not go solo practice?

The answer is simple. It’s easier! You don’t need to look for affiliate programs and invent automation of boring mailings. All this was invented for you by the developers of the CPA network software. In addition, you have an affiliate manager who will tell you which affiliate program to take and how to promote the product because his earnings directly depend on yours.

The SalesDoubler CPA network is an excellent opportunity to work with the best and most advanced affiliate tools on the market. Even if you are an absolute beginner in this, a personal affiliate manager will help you in any matter. In addition, working with the CPA network, you get access to technical support and a whole “pool” of tools created to simplify the affiliate’s work. For example, our comparison site constructor will allow you to create a website in a few clicks, with which you can immediately start monetize your traffic. Or our SD Sender, which helps to make automatic or manual sending of messages to users much easier and faster.

Inspired? Join us as an affiliate!

And remember: “Great goals are achievable!”

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