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Published: 03.02.2022
Updated: 27.02.2023

The niche of traffic arbitrage seems very mysterious to beginners. On the one hand, many people talk about great opportunities for earning money in it, and on the other hand, there are many myths and stereotypes.

We at SalesDoubler know for sure that you can get a lot of money from arbitrage (confirmed by the experience of more than 1000 of our affiliates), and most importantly, this happens to us on white verticals. We provide affiliate programs from financial companies and companies providing various services (delivery, training, etc.).

Bogdan Korostelov, an expert in marketing and traffic arbitrage, will help you step into this niche with confidence. At the SalesDoubler webinar, he talked about which traffic sources and verticals will be popular for beginners in 2022 and gave useful tips for an easy start.

What is traffic arbitrage and how it will help you to earn money

Arbitrage is a money-making niche where money is earned here and now.

An affiliate is a person who brings potential customers (leads) to an advertiser.

An advertiser is a company that provides any services, sells goods, and therefore needs high-quality leads and traffic.

The most commonly used model is CPA (cost per action). It means that the affiliate launches the advertising campaign and receives money for each confirmed lead – accordingly, the work goes to the result.

But if you get sick, go to Bali, or decide not to run an advertising campaign, at this moment, you will not earn money. While you are bringing traffic, leads are coming; there will be no money if you are not bringing the traffic.

It is quite possible to make money in arbitration; the main thing for a beginner is to throw everything extra out of your life and focus on doing launch-launch-launch.

How does traffic arbitrage attract newbies?

Firstly, arbitration attracts you with money and the opportunity to find your calling in life.

Although it is a full-time job that requires you to dive into Internet marketing, it has huge benefits. First of all, the affiliates control their workload and have a free schedule, which is convenient.

There are also entire communities and various arbitration movements for communication, acquaintance and exchange of experience.

Of course, to earn a lot, you need to have a good background in marketing, and even with deep knowledge, it is difficult to get into an established team. As a rule, communities are distinguished not only by their accumulated experience but also by a high turnover because they have been spinning in their field for a long time.

Suppose you start working on your own. In the beginning, most often, low earnings, especially if there is little money for turnover. However, this problem can be solved if you choose a good CPA network with technical support and training materials.

A little later, we will tell you how we help beginners get comfortable in SalesDoubler.

In the meantime, catch recommendations from Bogdan that will help you quickly get used to traffic arbitrage:

  1. You don’t have to be afraid to take action. There are a lot of theories on traffic flow, it is not difficult to find the necessary information, but without practice, it makes no sense. Many things can only be mastered in practice, even intuitively: for example, picking up a good bundle (creative + affiliate program) can only be done by testing.
  2. If you have questions, it is better to ask competent specialists. A person with experience can help much more than any manual on the Internet.
  3. Many affiliates are afraid of failures, draining the budget, or simply being skeptical about the work of an affiliate. Do not be afraid of this, because success and a good income will quickly compensate for all the inconveniences.
  4. Mistakes are normal. If the creative did not work on one affiliate program, and the budget was drained, it is better to try further, and then there will be a huge chance to “recapture” the lost money on the next AC, and at the same time, gain useful experience.
  5. It is better to start with one traffic source and one vertical to understand how it works as much as possible.
  6. It will be helpful if you build a warm relationship with the manager; (a person in the affiliate program who will prompt, issue an affiliate program, and can raise the bid.
  7. It is very important to keep abreast of developments in the arbitrage niche and the chosen vertical. To do this, subscribe to various affiliates, targetologists and blogs of CPA networks.

We emphasize once again that arbitration is full-fledged, full-time work. And it makes perfect sense to invest time in your education.

Affiliates risks

The risks when working with traffic are minimal. There is no clearly defined minimum amount with which you can enter the market – it all depends on the capabilities and desire of the affiliate.

The worst thing that can happen is a waste of time and money. But the affiliate has gained valuable experience, and in the future, affiliate will drive traffic, bypassing previously made mistakes.

It is better to start with small amounts and proven links between the affiliate program and the creative, and do not hesitate to ask the manager for advice.

What verticals and traffic sources will be popular in 2022

There is no one vertical and source that 100% guarantees income. It would help if you understood that where many people flood traffic, the income is minimal, or there will be none. Therefore, you need to look for your vertical and the most profitable way to work with it.

Bogdan suggests that the following verticals will be especially profitable in 2022:

  • finance;
  • goods;
  • nutra;
  • dating;

The end of 2021 showed that traffic from such sources is going well:

  • Google;
  • Facebook;
  • Tik Tok;
  • SEO;

Everything is individual, of course. So you need to test which vertical is right for you and which traffic source will be more comfortable and profitable to work with.

At the same time, the following verticals will be less profitable:

  • gambling; (casino advertisement)
  • betting; (bet advertising)
  • cryptocurrency; (potential investment)
  • sweepstakes. (various wins)

And the following traffic sources are already less effective than before:

  • teaser; (targeted advertising);
  • pushes;
  • mailing;
  • messengers.


As we have already said, we have the following areas:

  • PDL UA (Ukrainian financial companies);
  • PDL International (financial companies abroad);
  • FMCG (services and services).

These are white niches with useful and legal products for the population. As a rule, there are no difficulties with launching an advertising account.

For comparison, affiliates often face account blocking in the niches of Nutra (cosmetics) or gambling, which practically does not happen when traffic is poured into white verticals.

We provide access to various starter kits for the affiliate to quickly join the work – large manuals with examples and recommendations for different niches and GEOs. In addition, we invite beginners to the special Starter Telegram channel with useful information, news and notifications about special affiliate programs.

You can join Starter even now. It’s free 🙂

Register using the link to start working with traffic, and your personal manager will contact you.

In the future, you will contact him with all your questions (oaffiliate programs, bundles, payments, participation in promotions, etc.), and if necessary, you can contact technical support on Telegram.

Finally, we recall that the “money” button does not exist in arbitration. When someone says that they have a special plan with an income of $ 200 per day or more, this is most likely not true. After all, if a person had such a plan, they would not hesitate to implement it, and such a secret is always carefully protected.

Tip for beginners – join a team where you can find more answers to questions than in free-swimming. But even if you have begun to realize your dream yourself, you should not get upset and give up if arbitration goes into the red. Whatever the result is, write it down as a plus; if there is no income, then experience has appeared. But most importantly, start to bring the traffic now!

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