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Published: 30.06.2022
Updated: 27.02.2023

In the 21st century, we should forget about hard mailing with our hands and significantly reduce the time at the computer. SalesDoubler stands for your chilling while technology works and earns.

Introducing SD SMS Sender to our affiliates!

It is a universal SMS mailer for additional monetization of your traffic. Creating and launching an SMS mailing list takes no more than 5 minutes. 🔥

SMS marketing is alive, and its great advantage is that the smartphone is almost always in our hands. It means that the client can receive and read your affiliate program almost immediately. SMS is hard to ignore, as it is both a beep and an unread message icon that will show until the client opens it, and this gives an almost 100% guarantee that a client will definitely notice your affiliate program.

According to Simple Texting statistics, about 25-30% of people click on a link in the middle of the message. In addition, SMS is an easy way to convey information to the client without graphs, pictures and long texts.

SD Sender Features:

  • ready-made alpha names for PDL&Banks and FMCG topics
  • automatic funnels
  • collecting leads directly from the site using lead forms
  • there are no restrictions on the size and quantity of the base
  • automatic calculation of ROI by mailing
  • built-in link shortener – it is possible to choose a signature to the source from which users will receive the newsletter – MegaService, Dostavka, credit24, etc. You do not need to buy them; the affiliate program provides alpha names for free;
  • the competitive cost of SMS;
  • shortener. It means you can shorten the URL link to the affiliate program so that it does not take up much space and fits into the minimum number of SMS parts.

Ukraine – 0.42 UAH/sent SMS
Philippines – 0.25 UAH/sent SMS
Sri Lanka – 0.9 UAH/sent SMS

SD sender – allows you to automatically or manually send messages to attracted users using a lead form or one of the three types of SalesDoubler auto funnels with the ability to apply alpha names and triggers.

All that is required of you here is to upload your base of phone numbers, write the text of the message, select an alpha name and schedule a mailing list. You can also collect phone numbers and other data on your site and send automatic SMS to users using the auto funnel on SalesDoubler.

Together with SD sender, big goals are achievable! Save time and love your work. And we will help you!

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