SD Sender: how to work with statistics

Published: 28.12.2022
Updated: 17.01.2023

So, in the last article, we already told you what SMS mailings are for, how they help to monetise user databases and what are the main functions and features of SD Sender.

We want to dedicate this article to those users who have already used the capabilities of SD Sender.

Namely, how to get statistics on clicks and affiliate program and work with reports and analyse them.

Traditionally, we will start with manual mailing. As you already remember, to create a manual mailing, you need to download the database and set mailing options and SMS sending time.

Let’s look at what happens after you click the “Assign” button.

1 eng

Immediately after that, you will have access to a scheduled mailing detailed report page.

Don’t be afraid if you don’t find exhaustive information immediately – mailing is still in the “new” status. The system creates and saves each SMS message.

But now you will have access to a sidebar with detailed information about your mailing:

2 eng

Here you will always see the basic information about your mailing after sending.

Also, check out the “Reports” section, all your scheduled and finished mailings will be stored there (even if it was cancelled). You can cancel mailing with the help of your manager.

The “Reports” tab contains the following fields:

  • Alpha name – the name of the sender of the mailing list chosen by you (note: when working with GEO Philippines and Sri Lanka, it will be displayed the default alpha name – MegaService) 
  • Mailing name – mailing name you entered
  • Start date of the mailing – the start date and time for sending SMS messages
  • GEO – GEO of the mailing chosen by you when setting up the Sender
  • Cost – the calculated cost of a user’s mailing is calculated by the formula: Number of generated SMS messages * Price of one SMS
  • (pay attention to the number of symbols in your SMS and the number of SMS parts in one message)
  • ROI – calculated parameter based on mailing statistics of clicks/conversions. It is calculated by the formula: (Sum affiliate share by mailing conversions in status “active+paid” – mailing cost) / Mailing cost

Affiliate Share – this is the sum of completed conversions in UAH for this mailing. ROI, clicks and conversions are calculated under certain conditions, which we will describe below.

3 eng

So, it’s time to send your mailing. Immediately after the first SMS message receives the first status, your mailing will be in the “pending” status, which means – “in the process of sending”. Let’s take a closer look at what mailing statuses exist:

  • new – mailing has just been created
  • waiting – the system is generating SMS messages 
  • pending – mailing in the process of sending
  • finished – mailing finished

Note! The mailing will move from the “pending” status to the “finished” status only after the last SMS message has received the final status.

What does it mean? And now, we are smoothly moving on to a detailed report on the numbers from your mailing

This is what a detailed report for each number looks like, which you can also download in CSV.

4 eng

Here you can see the statuses by numbers, clicks and conversions.

Note! For the correct display of clicks, numbers of conversions and from which offer the conversion was made, and you need to use our link shortener. 

Also, if you want to do mailing on your comparison site, you need to install the script on your comparison site before the closing tag </body>. Script connection example: <script src=””></script>. 

If you work with our comparison site constructor, you don’t need to set up anything. Just use our link shortener. 

What are the statuses of SMS messages?

There are intermediate statuses and final statuses. Intermediate statuses always move to final ones.

Intermediate statuses are:

  • waiting – the system is generating SMS messages 
  • pending – mailing in the process of sending
  • send – SMS message has been sent

If your messages are in one of these statuses, your mailing will not be completed. It usually takes several hours to get all the statuses. Still, there are situations when subscribers are out of coverage, and the system will continue to try to send messages to these numbers until it receives the final status.

Final statuses:

  • delivered – the message has been delivered
  • undelivered – the message hasn’t been delivered (usually, we immediately get such a status when the system understands that the number does not exist, does not serviced, is blacklisted or blocked by the operators)
  • expired – the message is expired (this status appears if the subscriber is out of coverage area and it has been made several attempts to send an SMS message) 

We recommend deleting numbers with undelivered and expired statuses from the database for future mailings. To do this, you need to upload it to CSV. By uploading CSV, you can see and analyze the statistics for each number, forming the basis for the following mailings. We recommend testing the mailing on your database on one of the TOP SalesDoubler affiliate program and deleting invalid numbers and numbers that have converted on this affiliate program from the database after the mailing is completed. And test the next mailing on another affiliate program from the TOP.

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