Must have tools: part №1 SD Sender

Published: 14.11.2022
Updated: 29.11.2022

The profession of an affiliate is interesting and exciting, but there is a part of the work that is not creative at all. So that you do not “cool down” to your favourite work, we continue to improve the features of our affiliate program. We live in the XXI century, so let robots do all the tedious work for us, and we will be inspired, create and earn. 


  • Ukraine 0.42 UAH
  • Kazakhstan 13 KZT
  • Philippines 0.25 UAH
  • Sri Lanka 0.9 UAH;

So, we want to introduce you to our SD Sender. This is a must-have for every self-respecting affiliate, from our point of view.

Why is SD Sender so important for attracting traffic?

Among social networks and Google ads, we need to remember regular SMS messages sometimes. But after all, the phone is always in your hand, and no one has cancelled the “good old-fashioned” messages. You will be surprised, but more than 95% of people read SMS messages within 3 minutes of receiving them. At the same time, the statistics of “opening” e-mail is half as much. In 2021, this channel was in the TOP 2 when promoting PDL vertical offers. That is why we consider our SD Sender as №1 Must Have tool. And we want to tell you more about it.

SD Sender is a universal SMS messaging tool that will help you effectively monetize your phone number databases and collect them from your website.

With it, you can attract new leads and monetize your current bases using various funnels.

You can find SD Sender in the “Tools” tab 

1gde naxoditsja eng

How to work with SD Sender?

2zagruzka bazy eng

3sozdanie rassulki eng

To set up and launch a mailing list, you need to select the GEO you want to work with, specify the name of the mailing list and select the alpha name, select the database from the downloaded ones, select an SMS template tab, specify the text of the message and set the time for sending. 

Note that GEO Philippines and Sri Lanka will be sent from a random sender, and you don’t need to choose alpha names. If you wish, you can add your premade template to the “Templates”.

You also have the opportunity to use our shortener (this is important! if you want to receive statistics on clicks and conversions) and send a test SMS.

But what if you need to get your user database? You can still use SD Sender using the SMS Auto Funnel.

Auto Funnel – is another additional tool that, in connection with SD Sender, will bring a great profit and make your life easier. This specific form collects data from new leads using a widget on your website and automatically sends an SMS. Using this feature, it is easy to collect user data into a database, which you can monetize later. You can customize and style the funnel shape for your website.

4konstruktor avtovoronki eng

Personalized mailing lists – this feature was created specifically for an individual approach to the lead. Calling a person by name can increase the probability of following a link and CR. To do this, you need to do just a couple of steps: create a database in the form of “phone, the name” → do not forget to put a tick “Name mailing” before loading the database → download it in the mailing list menu.

Bravo, now you can create a personalized mailing list by selecting the name base you uploaded. The [name] parameter will appear in SMS, automatically pulling up the name from your database. So, if you write the text “You have agreed to 5000 UAH”, the SMS will look like “Anna, you have agreed to 5000 UAH”. So you can increase the clickability rate and the user’s desire to follow the link.

Please note: the feature is in testing mode and is currently available only for GEO Ukraine.

baza angl

Ready-made alpha names – are a cool thing that will turn your message from “no name” sender to “brand”.

For GEO Ukraine, we have a large pool of alpha names for the PDL niche and three alpha names for FMCG and E-commerce – Dostavka, MegaService and Parfumsale. Also, if you wish, you can add your alpha name.

How does it work? Just write to your manager for details, and create a request to add a unique alpha name that will be available only to you!


6apha names eng

Shortener. Your text should be clear, “hitch up” and short. This feature was created primarily to make the text in the message look good. Your SMS should take up to two parts. Pay attention – there is a limit on symbols, so the message’s text must be placed in one piece. By doing this, you will not be charged for 2 SMS. We also highly recommend using our shortener. Thereby you can track clicks and conversions from your SMS campaign.

7shortener eng


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