Interview with SelfieCredit. How to lend by photo?

Published: 14.12.2022
Updated: 25.01.2023

Our regatta “Race of the Unbreakables” continues, and we decided to tell you how our Admirals kept their course during Covid and all-out war. So SalesDoubler talked to SelfieCredit, and here’s what we have found out. 


Was there any anti-crisis plan at the beginning of 2019 when Covid came?

We began our work in the middle of the pandemic.

It is fearless to open a company in a crisis. How did you survive at the beginning of the war?

One of our main goals was to keep employees and provide them with work. Also, the priority direction of work was developing the most effective tools for customers. Initially, we temporarily stopped accruing percents for two months, created a product for loan restructuring and developed new promotions to settle and repay debts.

Do you have any awards yet? 

Considering that we are a young developing company, the feedback from our customers and the fact that they have chosen us and come back to us again is our most valuable reward. But SelfieCredit was mentioned in two FinAwards nominations. And we hope one day we will get them. 

What plans do you have for the future?

We are constantly working on enhancing and improving service for our customers. From November 2022, the maximum loan amount has been increased. We also develop new tools and promotions for our clients.

We can’t help but wonder about your know-how. Is it possible just to take a photo and get a loan? That’s why the name of the company – SelfieCredit?

Our goal was to develop the most simple and convenient way to fill out the questionnaire for receiving microcredit. Yes, the name SelfieCredit is associated with the possibility of obtaining a loan just by taking a selfie.


Why you should choose SelfieCredit affiliate programs:

  • timely and guaranteed payments;
  • expedited loan processing;
  • Full auto-completion of the form with a selfie;
  • NewShort loan at 0.01% per day for each new client;
  • Lending 24/7 support for any questions within the service.


Pour on SelfieCredit affiliate programs and earn more miles. See you at the finish line.
We wish you good luck and a fair wind in the regatta. 
And remember that “Великі цілі досяжні” when you’re moving along the right course!