Interview with Credit7. How is life under a lucky number?

Published: 05.12.2022
Updated: 26.01.2023

Our regatta “Race of the Unbreakables” continues, and we decided to tell you how our Admirals kept their course during Covid and all-out war. So SalesDoubler talked to Credit7, and here’s what they found out.

Was there any anti-crisis plan at the beginning of 2019 when Covid came?

During Covid-crisis, the company’s work did not stop. Furthermore, at the beginning of the epidemic, we were the only company that continued to operate and provide services online. We also treated the possibilities of our customers with understanding and cancelled fines.

In general, we have set up remote work quite quickly. We pay special attention to the health and protection of our employees. The office was regularly disinfected, and employees were provided with the necessary personal hygiene products, antiseptics, vitamins, and Covid-tests.

How did you survive at the beginning of the war?

At the very beginning, we temporarily stopped issuing loans. But later, the work resumed. We understood that we needed to work to support our customers, employees and the economy of Ukraine.

After we resumed work, programs for paying loans and discount systems were developed for our clients: we stopped accruing any per cent for two months, and after this period, we provided a 50% discount for existing clients.

How did you save the team?

We are often kidding that Credit7 is already a family company. Because during our work, we often witnessed the birth of true love in the workplace, which later grew into relationships and marriage. And, of course, it’s enjoyable. After all, we are happy to work and build warm, friendly family relationships. That is why we saved jobs, kept salaries and responded to requests for assistance moving our employees and their families abroad.

It seems like you are family. We do not doubt that Ukraine also received donations and assistance from you.

Yes, of course. The company continues to assist our army, responding to the requests and needs of the military. We donate money to orphanages and the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, which helps citizens of Ukraine who need it.

What prospects do you see in the PDL market?

The PDL market in Ukraine will grow after the economy stabilizes. An obstacle to this may be more stringent legislation limiting maximum per cent rates and imposing rigid standards.

What plans do you have for the future?

In this challenging time for everyone, we cannot make grandiose plans for the future, but we can take care of our customers and employees here and now. And we hope that trust in us will increase and provide opportunities for our growth and development.

Particular attention should be paid to market opportunities. If it allows, then we plan to grow effectively. If the development of the market requires changes, we will always be in the market’s trend, adapting to the needs and demands.

We can’t help but wonder about the name of your company. Why precisely this number? Why Credit7?

This is an astounding number and is considered lucky. Besides, our shareholders like it. We decided that we would use 7, not only in the title. We also issue a loan in precisely 7 minutes.

Which advertising campaigns are you proud of?

Advertising campaign – “And what you need, and what you want”, for which we received the award – “The best advertising campaign in the PDL category” FinAwards 2022, and as a result, we increased our share in the PDL market.

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We wish you good luck and a fair wind in the regatta. 
And remember that “Великі цілі досяжні” when you’re moving along the right course!