Black Friday. History of discounts

Published: 23.11.2022
Updated: 09.02.2023

Although this year was challenging, businesses all over Ukraine are working like never before. We, like many others, were left with a choice of what to do with “Black Friday”. Is it appropriate? Is it triggering? Is it time for it? Eventually, we decided to search for the light even in the darkest times. So, yeah, we are launching Black Friday! Moreover, we have prepared two affiliate programs for you, our affilicates! More details are coming below in the text, but for a start, we wanted to remind you about the lowdown of this event.

Everyone knows what Black Friday is, right? But has anyone wondered about the history of this “holiday of discounts”? We decided to tell a little about it.

The most considerable discrepancy is the name. It would seem that the sale is something joyful. If Jesus were a marketer, he would say: “Who does not like discounts? Let him throw a stone at me first!”. After all, there are New Year, Christmas and other sales, and the name “Black Friday” does not add optimism.

Name history

Why is it “black”? As it turned out, it’s pretty simple. Nobody knows the exact variant, but two versions seem the most probable.

  • In American accounting, there is an idiom “in the black”, which means a positive balance. It is customary to write income – in black colour and expenses – in red in accounting books in America. 
  • The second option is more pessimistic. It is said that the policemen, amazed at what was happening on the streets that day, called it “black”. And today, on this day, sometimes there are fights in stores for a particular product and stampedes in the trading halls. Unfortunately, sometimes this leads to injury to people, which is why such a depressing name, “Black Friday.”

The first sale

In 1873, there were no price tags on the shelves next to the goods. The seller had to estimate the buyer’s ability to pay and only then announce the price. Frank Woolworth, a young guy who got a job as an assistant in a small shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, suffered greatly because he was not sociable and could not appreciate the client at first sight. Once, taking advantage of the fact that the manager was not in the store, he laid out all the seasonal goods at the showcase and put up a sign that said, “everything for 5 cents”. Buyers not accustomed to price tags became interested in such a curiosity and bought up everything. That was the first sale in history.


After that, many stores used this technique, but in the 1930s, when Roosevelt approved the official date for Thanksgiving Day, it became the starting point before Christmas. Because this is the time of gifts, marketers have figured out that people are more predisposed to purchase during this period than at any other time of the year. So it’s discount time.

Black Friday with SalesDoubler

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What is all this for?

It’s time to pour traffic, sales have already begun, and one of the most popular sales in the world – “Black Friday” has also started.

If you need to know what to pour on and what new things to try, here is the opportunity, the ray of light and energy we send you in these not-so-bright times.

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Why it might be interesting for you:

  • Super discounts from the best online stores, services and financial companies in Ukraine. А great bonus to CR.
  • Keep in mind that Black Friday does not last one day, but usually, it turns into Black Friday Week, so you have a few days to prepare, and then until the end of November, pour as hard as possible. Later we have the New Year and Christmas periods, which are also quite trendy in online sales, but you need to prepare for all this already.
  • Rates on E-commerce affiliate programs grow incredibly during the promotional period and will help you find the right approach for stable earnings. PS: If you find a higher, tell your manager, and we will find the right solution.
  • We will also add promotions from new advertisers, allowing you to improve your results.
  • If you are the owner of various databases: E-mail, SMS, Push and groups/pages in Viber, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, then it’s time to earn. Who needs promo codes? We already have some, and there will be new ones soon, so write to us, and we will help you as much as possible.
  • For those who are sceptical about E-commerce and used to working with more grey niches – not a problem. This white and “fluffy” vertical will allow you to warm up your accounts.
  • We have prepared a manual for you. Please take a look at it before you launch so that everything is set up correctly and you don`t lose a single conversion.
  • Of course, we are also happy to show you the Black Friday landing page.
Of course, you may have many questions, and then your affiliate manager will be able to help you — just meow or send a text.
Follow the updates on the site, in our social networks and remember that “Big goals are achievable!”

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